A loving relationship DOES NOT reside in difficulty, resistance, complexity, or duality, It is in these terms that I think and defend that a loving relationship must be simple, easy, fluid or even obvious, meaningful and, I do not exclude that certain passages in life, are indeed more difficult.

If there are good times in your romantic relationship but the bad times are more numerous, do not consider this to be normal. This is most likely a sign that your “Essences” are not present in your relationship. Stop for a while to refocus and ask yourself the right questions. Simply ask your partner to reinstall together these Essences, necessary for your happiness. If this is not possible, your celibacy will certainly be less miserable than your life today!

If you think your relationship is not fulfilling but it could be worse, then you are already unhappy but the pain may not be intense enough to make a change. You are in your comfort zone, and you cling to it like a mussel to its rock! But it’s a matter of time, If you don’t do anything, one day you (or your partner) will leave or worse !!! You or your partner will “Monkey Branch” out of this relationship while dragging your mental, emotional state for weeks, months, even years!

We will be sharing insights on “Monkey Branching” so you can avoid some suffering, and we are here to help YOU get to the bottom of 10 red fags of whether your partner is already monkey branching and what you can do to gain back control.

“I did not cheat! And there is nothing wrong with having a backup plan”

This is what most people exercising “Monkey Branching” will say when they are confronted by their partners. So to understand whether “Monkey Branching” is a new dating/relationship trend or just a form of old-fashioned cheating, we need to first define the term.


Monkey Branching?

Even though there is a mention for monkeys but no monkey is harming your relationship. In fact, the term implies the act of jumping from one branch to the next, as if people were monkeys. It occurs when a man or a woman is currently in a relationship but continues to engage in relationship-like, no so innocent activities with other people. You might see a monkey branching with your partner giving out their phone number to “help ” a new neighbor move, or “texting” that new attractive friend they met at the gym or the local grocery store.

But wait! Isn’t that an unnecessary paranoia? So what my partner is making friends from the opposite sex or hanging out with them or even text them?! Things have changed and not everything is a red fag trigger. Well, you are absolutely 100% right and it might not be a red flag that your partner happens to be texting their attractive, interesting, single friend.

People who do this will mask their true character and deceive you to believe that you are the sweetest person ever. That’s the strength of their evil. There are far more features in someone like this, and they have been trained to do that for so long.

This is why we have carefully chosen la creme de la creme when it comes to the most obvious “Moneky Branching” signs that you need to consider when your partner tells you how unreasonable you are being because chances are, you are right to have questions and concerns or if you are the new branch that a monkey wants to jump to.



1. Flashman syndrome

This term is our courtesy to describe how fast the person is willing to contact someone they met in person or online. A complete stranger that has nothing in common either professionally or socially. It already suggests that they might be interested and finally, without much effort, give their phone number under pretenses. What does that mean for the old branch? A mobile phone is used a lot? It is probably a significant indication that your person is flirting with others.


2. You are suddenly not good enough

It is one thing dealing with constructive criticism, trying to motivate and push our partners forwards to reach their potentials that is it dealing with a verbally abusive partner who suddenly scrutinies all the negative things about you. It usually becomes repetitive and you can most definitely see a pattern whether they express it seriously or humorously.

They will often make mental and physical comparison and blames you for everything that is wrong with the relationship. They will find excuses to create tension and leave in pursuit of communication with someone else.


3. Projecting fear and uncertainty

Any men feel unsecured because it appears like the woman is out of their own class or league. You might ask why a man is dating a woman who isn’t with him on the same social level.

The explanation for this is because of the advantages that the relationship gives him and not simply that he wishes to end up with her. However, this is also the case in interactions with the older women and the younger ones. In this scenario, the younger man has normally, as he dates from the elderly woman, an old lady who falls back if at the end of the day it falls apart.


4. Societal pressure

Friends’ peer pressure is serious business so if your partner lets their friends meddle with your relationship then it is a red flag. Friends will impact their friends greatly to fulfil their needs, particularly if they decipher that their partner’s partnership cannot be worthy.

“Show me your buddy and I’ll tell you who you are” is mostly real, and your friends will just exist with you. No one desires this, of course. Most men and women feel the need to please their friends by engaging with people their friends are likely to approve of.


5. Emotional dependence addiction

When the relationship is about to die or immediately after a breakup, emotional junkies will jump right back in with someone. In other words, they never learned to like themselves, despite your partner being an adult and a completely grown-up person. They are also relying emotionally on others for all sorts of help and are tremendously fearful of being alone in the world.


6. No moral campus

If you are with someone, then you likely know enough about the person to decide if they are decent or not. A set of questions comes into place:

  • Are they honest?
  • Are they trustworthy?
  • Are they responsible?

If these three qualities are missing in your other half, then the chance for that person to throw you under the bus is very likely. Also, even if the person is not monkey branching, their lack of moral campus will definitely lead them there.


7. The last break up was just around the corner

From early on, you can tell if the person is liking to monkey branch. This person is already excited to get the relationship started on the first date and. This is either because they have either ended a relationship or are preparing to use you as a “New branch” to abandon their old one. Very certainly, this individual would want to jump straight into the more intense and physical facets of a relationship. Their boundaries are few and far between, and they will struggle to follow yours. I suggest that you do your background check if you want a long-term relationship.


8. Incognito mode

They will go on and on about how amazing you are, they will take you to dinners, get you gifts and listen to you rambling all night about the bad hair cut you just had but they will do their absolute best to isolate you from their friend circle and family.

They will find excuses like establishing a strong foundation or enjoying the pleasure of secrecy but we can all agree that we, as humans, love to show our most precious possessions and we would love to show off our partner to the people that matter to us.


9. The invisible lover

A monkey brancher is mostly concerned with hopping from relationship to relationship. They’re still looking for the next “romantic high,” so they’re unlikely to bring to make the relationship last. This means you will have a difficult time convincing them to meet your mates. Meeting your loved ones is an important phase in many relationships, and a monkey brancher is unprepared to cope with substantial obligations.


10. Serial flirters

They will flirts in every possible way and label it under “friendly compliments”. If your partner constantly flirts with others in person or online, verbally or with body language, you should keep an eye on how seriously they flirt with others. They might be planning to go from one relationship to another without giving you any other indications.

Some of the monkey branching characteristics promote flirtatious friendship with others. They like the swing. In other words, they want to switch directly from one launchpad to another.


Why can we potentially lose our partner to Monkey Branching?

It has nothing to do with YOU! People monkey-branch when they get emotionally attracted to someone different and fascinating.

Because the deep interest is awakened by new fame, they do not see the new person as a person with faults, but rather as someone who can spice up their lives.

This is why they want to speak to the new individual and strengthen their relationship. Eventually, their relationship develops to the point that they believe the new person knows something about them, so they flirt and then monkey branch.


Monkey Branching is no picnic

Skydiving is safer than finding yourself in a relationship with a monkey brancher. The issue is that most people are unaware that there is a box for people like this. Keep an eye out for these signals if you find anything odd about your partner’s behavior. You’ll quickly notice that your mate has a propensity to “swing” from one partnership to the next, even before the existing one is done. If you think your mate is a monkey brancher, you should definitely cut and run!

When we look at monkey-branching partnerships from a rebounding perspective, we can see that they can last anywhere from three weeks to seven months. Anything other than that is unlikely to be a fing because a person who still has feelings for you will be unable to stay away from you and that is a fact.

Because guilt, suffering, and guilt can keep a monkey-brancher from acting against his or her wishes, they will choose to not break up with the person and initiate their swing.

However, if a monkey-branching partnership isn’t a turnaround, it has the potential to last even longer. It can continue for years until the underdeveloped monkey-brancher settles into a rhythm and begins to take his or her relationship for granted.


Monkey Branching recovery center

The reality is … There is nothing you can do to save your partner from monkey-branching. No matter how hard you beg and argue, your attempts will be futile because your partner is drawn to the new person.

He or she has formed a friendship – a bond with someone else, so any “please return” demands will be futile. They would, in turn, have the reverse effect, forcing your monkey-branching ex to relive humiliation and shame. 

And if your partner experiences these negative feelings, you can be sure that he or she will continue to shield himself or herself from them. Your signifcant other can do this by being enraged and blaming you for how he or she feels.


Practice self love and know when to take a step back

If you are the dumpee in the monkey branching operation, you should avoid speaking with your ex. If you want to remain friends and talk to your ex, he or she will not only harm you but will also hinder your recovery. Your ex will now know that you have great regard for him or her and that you are not planning on leaving anytime soon.

To gain your ex’s love, you must first demonstrate that you are deserving of it. And, alas, talking to your ex would not help. It simply indicates to your ex that you can wait for him for an extended period.

So, if you want to increase the odds of reuniting with a monkey-branching ex, go cold turkey and vanish from the face of the Earth. This way, you will concentrate on the ones that are important to you and communicate with them.

And one last thing … Yes! Monkey Branching is cheating.