10 Useful Websites Every College Student Needs To Know

10 Useful Websites Every College Student Needs To Know

New students might find it harder to adjust to college life if they have no knowledge on potentially useful websites that facilitate learning, looking for internships/ jobs and money-saving sites. Websites can also help students to identify persuasive research paper topics using topic ideas and key search terms.

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Students aiming to look for internships and jobs would find GlassDoor a valuable website suiting their areas of study and any openings available. The site is valuable as employees also review their workplace and talk about the culture.

There are also general websites as well as shopping and selling websites that are platforms for dealing with new and used products.

The Flvto site facilitates listening to video presentation even when there is no Wi-Fi access and low streaming speeds, where one can copy the URL address into the site and listen. This is particularly useful for learners who use the auditory learning style.

Students need to be well organized to be more proficient, and Pocket allows students to save articles in a folder for easy downloading.

Other than this there are useful resources providing advice and a survival guide for college students, and College Tips is one of the most popular sites in this category. The Hack College site also compiles articles relevant to college student life on how to do things in and outside the campus.

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StudyBlue is useful when students use flash cards with summarised information to create study guides. At other time, students who prefer learning in groups can choose OpenStudy to liaise with other students to study and learn together.

Similarly, students use College Ruled to form study groups and make online schedules to bring together like-minded students. College students regularly write term papers and capstone projects, and Copyscape helps to detect plagiarism.

Another website that can make a difference is Overdrive as it allows students to read books in the Kindle version when they use the student Id and the information is sent to the iPad.

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