My Love For You In 500 Words

My Love For You In 500 Words

My Love For You In 500 Words
She is one in a billion. Messy hair, curious eyes and sparkling smile. She isn’t hidden under that make-up. She’s all dolled up in grace and beauty. She finds solace in the moon and inside her is a light brighter than stars. The day gave her energy; the night, comfort. As calm as waves and as wild as the wind, she maybe magic.

I love you, a kind I can’t explain or justify, but I do. In this universe in this life, we can’t be together, but I hope in a parallel universe in some other life, I can be with you forever. And there’ll always be the part of me which will love you deeply for how you came like a magician and changed everything. Maybe at 80, I’ll still  be thinking of you, smiling, I’ll still be loving you and I have no fear expressing it openly that you will always be my favorite, the one I loved the most.

She is like a seed and I will keep watering her until she becomes a beautiful flower. And I know that when she will become a beautiful flower someone will pluck it, all I hope is that he would not throw that flower. She is that star every constellation dream of. In a parallel universe, our star would make a perfect constellation.

I asked you to forgive me for all the hurtful words that I said. I only said them because I was so angry that you stopped loving me. I do cry a lot because I have built my home in you a home that is built up of Mirror and it can break so easily.

My friend always tells me that why are you still stuck with that girl, I tried to explain to them that she was the first girl I truly believe in and she said she will never walk away. But in the end, she too walked away while explaining to them I end up disappointing myself.

She was the best thing that has ever happened me. I do dream a lot about her like one day I was dreaming that she had an accident and I was there to save her life and I end up being a Hero in her life. Sadly, these type of things only happen in Dreams, but not, in reality, I will never be your hero.

I am attached to your memories like an elastic band is tied to my wrist and it will snap and hit me hard if I try to walk away from those memories. It’s been nearly 7 months since the day I met you and next year you will be leaving this college. All I want is that never ever forget me then you will say “Yes” and deep inside I know you will forget me so I’m already mentally prepare for it.

Okay, hold on. Does it even make a sense? I gulp another glass of coffee as I continue speaking to the wall.

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Hi, I'm Caleb. Engineering is my profession but blogging is my passion. Trying to make a difference in this world by my words. You are beautiful. Just a reminder. Jesus above everything!

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