When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

No matter how optimistic this proverbial phrase may seem, implementing it in life is not everyone’s cup of tea. It becomes hard for those who have seen adversities and experienced them on firsthand. Usually, people back out or take irrational decisions; however, few understand the call of time and make the right choice.

Niko Everett is one of those who not only confronted her adversities with full confidence but also gathered the courage to deal with them like a hero. Today she is an executive coach, a keen strategist and a fervent entrepreneur. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that today she has become an inspiration for many.

Niko Everett

Born and brought up in a family where both parents were fighting with their demons was enough for Niko Everett to lack confidence. Although her parents were loving towards her, there were a lot of fights and feuds between them that didn’t help her sense of confidence in the world. Niko’s childhood was messy and far from perfect. Her parents struggled with addiction, she and her father left her mother when she was barely 2, and she never knew exactly when she’d see her from month to month. She spent much of her early years missing her Mom and wondering when she’d see her next. A waitress and a carpenter, her parents didn’t measure up in many ways to the well-heeled Mom’s and Dad’s where she attended school. By the time she was a teen, she’d starting lying about her home life for fear that people would think less of her for having parents who never went to college and a Mom who lived in a 4-story walk up in Manhattan.

Niko Everett

As Niko Everett grew and started expanding her horizons, she understood how important it is to be happy, contented and confident in life. Apart from this, she knew that happiness would never come sitting idle in the home. She had to create it. So her mission in life becomes to be okay, come out of the pain and the hardships life has thrown at her. The experiences of her imperfect childhood made her mentally more mature for her age.

Niko was blessed with a burning desire to seek out and feel better about her life. She finally stopped waiting for any miracle to happen that could make her life normal. Instead, she took a brave step and decided to break the invisible strings that had kept her captive for a long time. She comes out from her shell and finally breathed the fresh air.

Niko Everett

Niko went to Tufts University in Boston for undergrads. Since her parents have never been to college, no one can guide her and draw out her hidden talents. She, therefore just followed the flock of sheep. Still, there was no direction in her life that could help her regain the lost confidence. This is the reason why she kept on looking for leaders, teachers and the healers of the world.

Niko was in a constant search of peace and happiness. She desperately wanted to come out from the melancholy of her life. It was like finding the missing piece of the puzzle and filling the voids. She looked forward to those who could see a little glimmer in her so that she can feel better about herself. Books became her best friends and started forming unique bonds with the characters of the books she read.

Niko Everett

Gradually she started finding happiness with her world of books. Her ray of hopes becomes the authors of those books to whom she started chasing to mentor her. She wanted to get over those little bumps and detours of her childhood that made her feel low. Steadily she started coming out from the haziness of life that has held her enslaved for so long.

She had this notion in her mind that if she could find a way to get out of her situation, she could help others do the same.

This was when she thought to lend a helping hand to people and especially the girls who are the victim of shoddy childhood. She built her first venture “Girls for A change” from her Kitchen table that served 20,000 girls. It was created with the aim to empower girls and young women by tackling the issues faced by them.

Niko Everett

When people have good intentions, opportunities don’t hesitate to knock their doors. This is what happened with Niko Everett as well. She gets the chance to go to the executive program at Harvard. Niko says, “Not in a million years I have thought that one day I could see the inside of Harvard.” However, good luck prevailed, and she got a chance to spend time with other executives who were building their own ventures. This broadens her perspectives, made her more confident and helped her develop enough strength to boost others as well.

Her venture “Girls for A change” opened bazillion opportunities. Today she is living the life of her dreams and at the same time helping others do the same.