No Fears

No Fears

This present moment is the key to destiny. It all comes down to now or never. Either you will take the plunge towards your dreams of live this moment creating future regret. You are the universe brimming with greatness, talent, dreams, and gifts, what is stopping you then?

Is it negative chatter, criticism, fear of being laughed at, uncertainty, judgment or failure?

No Fears

Now try and see the bigger picture. If you spend every present second in your comfort zone because of any of these fears, will you be a satisfied person when death comes knocking on the door? of course not.

People are going to judge you no matter what; whether you laugh or cry, whether you run after your goals or not. YOU are the only creator of your destiny. There is a reason you were bestowed with your gifts and that is because the world needs them.

So don’t spend even a moment trying to fit into a mold, your uniqueness is your strength.

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You have to overcome your conditioning, your fears. As they say, every step out of comfort zone will either bring either success or lessons. Just the first step out of the comfort zone marks the beginning of a new you. Thomas Alva Edison failed 10000 times before inventing the bulb and no one remembers his failures but only one success.

Are you going to be known for your one success or let your fears confine you into nothingness?

No Fears

Just adopt a positive attitude that every failure is a lesson how things are not going to work. If you fail, be a warrior instead of a worrier. Every failure is just preparing you for a bigger success ahead. Failure is truly the best teacher unveiling wisdom that no comfort zone will ever reveal. Every new effort is a chance to learn and evolve.

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The truly wealthiest place in the world isn’t the Middle East where oil flows in abundance or South Africa, the birthplace of diamond but in fact the graveyard because graves are not the of the people but their dreams – books that were never written, songs that were never sung, business ideas never incorporated, ideas not invented.

Be a champion and bury your fears instead of your dreams.

While questions like what is my unique talent and how do I go about it, will I be able to make it, am I too late for achieving my dream may dampen your spirit. The trick is to calm the mind chatter and stop the comparison. There is no rat race and your journey is as unique as you. All you need is the determination and the grit to keep walking and you will see all your dreams coming true.

No Fears

Just imagine how much you will be able to achieve if you let go of fears or get rid of distractions and direct all your efforts into manifesting your dreams.

No more excuses, no more complaints, no more sobbing
This day is YOUR day.

So what are you waiting for?
Write the book you have been wanting to
Sweat towards your dreams
Create that creativity
Get that business up and running
Launch that startup


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