Sometimes it is odd.

Sometimes it is exciting.

Sometimes it is joyful.

Sometimes it is painful.

Sometimes, it’s just a coincidence.

But darling,

Nothing is ever a coincidence.


You are where you are for a reason.

Nothing Is Ever A Coincidence

You may have made some choices, or life may have forced some choices on you.

Whatever it was, it was never a coincidence.



Nothing is ever a coincidence.

Maybe you shouldn’t try to change the odds.


The odds are meant to change you.


Chance. Probability. Fate. Coincidence.

Every single “coincidence” brings a message to you. It’s because there are no coincidences and accidents. There’s only synchronicity.

But on the other hand, there is a reason.

Do you believe that things happen for a reason

Or do you believe that it is just a matter of luck?

I personally believe that we are here to learn something or to teach something.

Do you notice a pattern of events happening in your life, these events hold different parts of your life, each of them holds a place at different perspectives at a different place in your life. But somehow, do you feel a connection?

Don’t you feel it’s linked together by the core; the message.

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Nothing Is Ever A Coincidence

You have a specific lifestyle. The people you have in your life happens to be in your life according to your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is held by your choices.

Choices creates a sequence of events that is going to last for many years.

Interests, hobbies, jobs, education, everything. Every little detail creates an event.

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” —Albert Einstein

You take a decision to reach a certain goal, only to find out that this decision carries something completely different for you.

In these tiny snapshots of choices and decision making, we begin to paint a bigger picture, which we may not even have envisioned ourselves.

What if you didn’t choose that major or what if you said no instead of saying yes? What if you turned down a job that you already took? What if you had different hobbies to share?

What if you gave up to your tiredness and never went to the event that leads you to meet the people you know today? What if you didn’t answer that call? What if you had swallowed your feelings?

The universe (I believe) leads us to exactly where we are supposed to be, we just have to listen. Don’t fight the chances you get. Don’t say no to any new event. Don’t open a door you’ve closed. Don’t be scared to open a new one.

Don’t ignore the signs, and definitely, don’t ignore the red flags. Don’t ignore the firecy feeling in your guts and listen to the pounding beats of your heart. These are signs, they came in the form of a feeling, or a person, or a new job. Look for the signs and never ignore them.



Nothing is ever a coincidence.