Pisces and Leo Compatibility

In some way, whether in career, friendship, or love, Leo is destined to dominate Pisces. But this isn’t such a bad thing since Leos are generous rulers and don’t have any malevolent intent, and the Fish don’t actually mind being dominated if it’s done with kindness and warmth.

When Leo tells Pisces what to do, it gives the Fish ample time for daydreaming and saves them the trouble of making decisions for themselves. Pisces doesn’t like wasting their energy on games of dominance and conquest and finds them quite exhausting.

Pisces and Leo Friendship Compatibility

Leo can be protective and affectionate and Pisces can be tender, loving, and flattering, creating a comforting and happy dynamic. However, these two are not compatible by nature. Leo feels more comfortable in intense and passionate environments while Pisces prefers more cool and calm surroundings.

Pisces has inner strength and Leo has outward strength, so they have a lot to learn from each other. Leo feels the need to serve Pisces in some way, which is quite uncharacteristic of them since they are usually the ones waiting on others to cater to them.

Pisces has trouble deciding what to do with their lives. They listen to people’s advice, follow it briefly or just do nothing at all. But Leo needs to be obeyed and respected or end up unhappy. They cannot bear to have anyone wandering around without a goal and may force one upon Pisces just to make themselves feel better.

Pisces is often motivated to swim in two directions at once. Leo has to be wise enough to let them pursue both, recognizing that the Fish need time to try things out without pressure, in order to find themselves.

Pisces will quickly realize that sincere flattery will work better to win over Leo than withdrawal or tearful pleas. Leo, meanwhile, has to realize that being gentle is the right strategy with the Fish since loud emotional displays only scare them away.

Pisces and Leo Relationship / Marriage Compatibility

Leo will demand control over the finances since they consider themselves to be pretty great organizers, although they can be quite extravagant. Pisces is not bad at handling finances, but they tend to take a more intuitive rather than rational approach. This will be frustrating for Leo since they base all their decisions on rationality.

Leo is good at creating routines and order in their lives, while the Fish are talented at finding meaning in the chaos, whether it’s in their homes or workplace, and feel more comfortable when things are a little dissheveled.

Leo believes that organized surroundings help one to think more clearly, while Pisces thinks that categorizing everything so rigidly is a waste of time.

Pisces will avoid confrontation at whatever cost. They feel a lot of insecurity so will eventually swim away rather than put up with Leo’s egoic theatrics. A Lion that wants to live in harmony with the Fish has to find a way to help boost their self-confidence, console their emotional insecurities and help guide them out of their daydreams back to truth and reality.

It’s a good thing that Leo will be the leader in this way since Pisces needs a strong shoulder to lean on. Pisces will be grateful for Leo’s loving protection and Leo will in turn appreciate Pisces’ deep wisdom and ability to overcome life’s inevitable storms.

Pisces may initially be scared off by Leo’s aura of superiority and intimidating charisma. It’s almost as though they are challenging Pisces to prove that they are worthy of winning them over.

Pisces has to remember that it’s only Leo’s way of keeping away those who do not meet their high standards. In order to prove that they are worth Leo’s time, the Fish can bring them out for fancy meals, and present them with tasteful gifts – the more sentimental the better. Flowers, pets, and personal photos can all work nicely. And they don’t need to wait for a special occasion, since Leo loves surprises at any time of the year. Pisces can also display their talent for the arts, perhaps by reciting a poem or singing a song. In short, they need to remember that Leo needs to be treated like royalty and not like a commoner and that displaying their intelligence, charm, and intuitive understanding is the key to unlocking the Lion’s heart.

Pisces can’t afford to be coarse, rude, or vulgar around Leo, even when they need a good lecture. Thus, they should find a kind and gracious way to explain when the Lion has made a mistake. The Lion will never respect the Fish if they don’t know how to put them in their place when needed. Basically, the Lion won’t submit to anyone who can’t control them when they need to be reigned in. They also won’t do well with someone that they have to constantly apologize for or someone who humiliates them in public or private.

The Fish, who is quite humble, possesses just the right combination of gentle-hearted compassion and passive resistance to woo the Lion. It also helps that they are great listeners since Leo loves an audience.

If Pisces does make a mistake, they can count on Leo to graciously forgive them if they are sincerely apologetic. Leo will blossom online a flower if they are given the respect they deserve, but will definitely freeze up if anyone tries to dictate to them.

Leo can be an impossibly demanding partner, but it’s their way of seeing if their partner is gracious enough to abide by their requests while also possessing enough self-assurance to push back and stand their ground. It’s quite a difficult balancing act, but Pisces has a good chance of performing it well.

Pisces doesn’t mind appearing to be of service, so their humility actually helps them in the relationship. And the Fish are definitely equal to Leo since they possess many forms of intelligence as well as deep soul wisdom.

Once the first flush of romance has worn off, these two will start to notice the differences between their fiery and watery temperaments, which don’t blend very well without extinguishing one or the other. Pisces needs a lot of time for reflection and solitude and can find Leo’s extroversion to be too abrasive at times.

When the Fish are hurt, they will sulk and pull away, in a similar way that Leo starts pouting when they have been ignored. Leo will be upset that Pisces does not share everything with them, seeing their privacy as defiance of Leo’s right to know. Then they can get rageful or freeze up until the Fish give in. Thus, Pisces has to be careful not to give Leo too much leeway or they may find themselves pushed around.

Pisces and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Pisces has no trouble wooing Leo with their artistic gifts, whether they are poems or music. The Lion loves to be serenaded, as well as being treated to all the trappings of romance such as exotic oils, massages, and flowers. They are not interested in casual exchanges and are not likely to be promiscuous once they’ve found a worthwhile partner.

If their lover happens to be unfaithful, they will be extremely upset and jealous. The Lion needs to be admired but is not okay with Pisces getting the same recognition. They may think it’s their right to seduce someone who is in a relationship only to be upset when they get cheated on as well.

Even a harmless bit of flattery towards another person can set Leo off. They feel that their partner owes them all of their attention and adoration. If they feel even the slightest bit of jealousy, it will make it difficult for them to relax into the full expression of lovemaking. Nothing turns the Leo heart colder than jealousy, with no warmth left to give either sexually or emotionally.

Of course, giving their Pisces partner too many self-righteous lectures can also cause the Fish to grow unresponsive, causing them to go from warm to frigid in their intimacy.

Pisces should be grateful for the generosity of spirit that Leo can display when they are deserving of it, and should recognize that they need to be honest and loyal in order to retain such trust.

Leo may find Pisces too ethereal and elusive in their lovemaking since Leo can be so primal and passionate in the bedroom. If the Lion becomes too demanding, however, it will only cause the Fish to become more detached and intangible.

It’s possible that Pisces is expecting too much devoted service from Leo since Leo does not enjoy being subservient for too long without voicing their opposition. If they do work it out, their sexual union can combine Piscean delicacy and tenderness with Leo’s affection and warmth to create real ecstasy.

Leo has to be careful not to be too hot and intense or too cold and frigid with their sexuality and Pisces has to be careful not to let their cool detachment cause Leo to feel empty, as though they are missing out on the true depth of love.

Pisces and Leo Emotional Compatibility

These two have to remember that it’s a good thing for them to possess a balance of masculine and feminine qualities; including the yin qualities of perceptivity and sensitivity as well as yang qualities of courage and directness. This is a balance they must both work to maintain. Otherwise, it’s possible for Pisces to become too passive and Leo to become too aggressive.

Pisces will need a lot of wisdom and love to truly love Leo. One minute they will be dealing with emotional displays and roaring outrage and then the next the Lion will transform into a soft kitten, looking for affection and approval.

Leo can be a disorienting mix of icy dignity and gregarious fun and fervor. They can be irritatingly arrogant yet extremely loyal. They will cry over injured pride one minute and then laugh like a child the next. Leo is a lot of personalities in one and can steal all the control if Pisces lets them.

Leo, in return, will have to use all their warmth and wisdom to fully love Pisces. The Fish can pull away if they fear that their secrets may be revealed, but they can serve beautifully if they are not being attacked by jealous outrage and entitled lectures from their Leo partner.

Spending too much time apart can turn into disinterest if they are not careful. They should not be vacationing separately or giving each other too much space.

Because Pisces has such little pride and Leo has so much, the Fish can help soother Leo’s injured feelings. Because Leo has so much confidence and Pisces so little, they can help them to overcome their fears. Through mutual compassion and care, these two can build a growthful and happy union.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 75%

Pisces can be quite evasive, so Leo may have to push to get the truth out of them.

Emotions: 90%

Leo is big-hearted and Pisces is full of compassion.

Intellect: 80%

Leo enjoys giving passionate lectures and Pisces enjoys earning from them.

Values: 80%

Pisces values peace and privacy while Leo values romance, fun, and an attentive audience.

Sex: 80%

If the Fish are more active in their expression of love, Leo will make sure there is enough passion to create a joyful sexual union.

What are some famous Pisces-Leo couples?

Kate Beckinsale (Leo) and Len Wiseman (Pisces), Angela Bassett (Leo) and Courtney B. Vance (Pisces), Benicio Del Toro (Pisces) and Kimberly Stewart (Leo).

What signs are a good match for Leo?

Leo pairs up nicely with the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius as well as the air signs, Gemini and Libra.

Are Pisces and Leo a good match for marriage?

Pisces and Leo make a great match for marriage since the Fish are humble enough to let them take the lead but have enough-self assurance to earn Leo’s respect and be their equal.

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