Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

While the Scorpion and the Fish are often a mystery to others, they share an instinctive understanding of each other. These two are magnetically drawn to each other through a shared and unspoken sense of mutual understanding.

It’s almost as though they share a telepathic connection, able to tune into each other’s minds with ease. To outsiders, they may appear as though they’re not communicating at all, but they are in fact sharing a sympathetic emotional frequency, one which doesn’t require words. They know why the other is troubled and what they might need without any verbal exchange and are able to hear more in silence than most people hear in conversation.

While the Scorpion appears to be the stronger one at first, it’s the Fish that ultimately wins out. Scorpio has tremendous strength and endurance, yet their power is based largely on ego. Piscean power, meanwhile, is based on humility, which no one in the universe can conquer.

The Scorpion that thinks they can dominate the Fish is in for quite the surprise. The Fish can suddenly turn the tables around and disappear without a trace. No one can render themselves invisible more quickly than Pisces if they feel painted into a corner.

Pisces and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

The Fish are generous to a fault. They follow the philosophy of nature herself. Like the Sun which shines on everyone and the trees which offer their shade to all without discrimination, the Fish knows that without giving generously, their gifts would wither away. Their goal is not to look for external riches, but to find the kingdom of heaven within, in order to share with those who may be less spiritually connected.

Scorpio is generous with their intimate circle, or with those they deem worthy of their hospitality, yet can be quite stingy with everyone else. Of course, the Scorpion is also deeply interested in life’s mysteries and so would benefit from contemplating the origins of Piscean generosity. Once they understand where the true source of Piscean unselfishness and kindness springs from, they can smooth out many unnecessary misunderstandings.

Pisces is generally not concerned about the future since there is more than enough for them to contend with each day. It is easy for them to become quite entangled in the drama of their friends, neighbors, and partners’ lives and lose track of the bigger picture of their own larger vision and purpose.

Scorpio, meanwhile, is quite concerned about the future and preparing for emergencies. What’s more, their intuitive perceptions are usually correct about the challenging circumstances that may be waiting for them. It won’t be easy for Pisces to shift Scorpio’s perspective on all of this, believing it all to be a tempest in a teacup.

Scorpio tends to be silent followed by periods of talking, while the natural Piscean inclination is to talk and engage before brooding and pulling away.

Scorpios are more academically ambitious than Pisces, who may belittle the value of traditional book learning. While they are impressed by the formal credentials of others, they prefer to soak up knowledge from the ether, tuning into the accumulated depth of human knowledge through soul memory.

Pisces and Scorpio Relationship / Marriage Compatibility

When these two are falling in love, it won’t necessarily happen with fireworks, but quietly and gently. They will gaze at each other intensely and sense an unspeakable spark.
Through their love, their lives will gain more depth and meaning than they could have ever imagined.

Although there is wonderful compatibility between them, there will be some adjustments that need to be made. Pisces for one needs to stop bending the truth since Scorpio can spot a lie from miles away. Nothing upsets the Scorpion more than deception or a hidden secret, even though they will want to keep their own secrets tightly sealed. But Pisces need their privacy and won’t give up their habit of guarding it all too easily.

Perhaps Pisces is thinking of changing jobs to pursue something closer to their heart’s desire or changing their diet or exercise routine. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re hiding something dark or threatening, but they can make it seem that way by being evasive and vague about the details.

Scorpio has a clear sense of their purpose and how to get there, even if they don’t announce it publicly. What’s more, they have the necessary drive to get there and help others to realize their goals as well.

More than patience, they have persistence and a burning desire to realize their full potential. While the Fish enjoys coming along for the ride, they are not driven to get anywhere in particular. They don’t like to drain their physical and mental energy for much of anything. Thus, they will take their sweet time achieving their goals and may even put them off indefinitely. Scorpio can give them just the push they need to get going, especially if they are insecure about their abilities, as most Fish tend to be.

Pisces, in return, can help them to soften their intensity and need for control. Even if Scorpio seems calm and collected on the surface, they feel a lot of inner turmoil. All this repressed emotion can make Pisces nervous. They would rather have someone express their emotions, however explosive, than hold them back and communicate them through hidden psychic currents.

As scary as it can be to face all this hidden intensity, the Fish would rather compromise than end up alone. They have enough patience to let Scorpio finally feel safe enough to take off their mask and reveal their true colors. Eventually, though, they may just swim away if the effort is too great. Scorpio is determined to keep the relationship going so will do what they can to weather the storms as well.

Pisces is also tenacious in love, but in a more gentle and easeful way, and may use humor or imagination to work through problems. They are self-effacing enough to joke about themselves, but their serious Scorpio partner may have a tough time understanding their sense of humor.

Scorpio may be worried that the Fish changes their interests and pursuits constantly and don’t share their same sense of ambition. But Pisces feels that education and degrees don’t necessarily guarantee success. They feel that’s it better to earn less doing what they love than gain social prestige at the cost of personal happiness.

While Pisces can be very persuasive and convincing when they want to be, they won’t get too far with Scorpio. Flattery, sweetness, and charm simply don’t work with Scorpio. The only way to deal with them is to have the courage to let go of their fixed point of view and truly listen with an open mind.

Pisces and Scorpio in Bed

Sometimes, Scorpio can get emotional and tearful during intimacy, due to a bittersweet realization. They feel grateful for the tremendous closeness and vulnerability they share with their partner but saddened that they are not able to achieve a similar connection during their everyday life.
When these two are not physically intimate, the chaos of the outside world and their own insecurities can easily get the best of them. When they are making love, it can feel like ecstatic oneness and as though everything in the world makes sense again.

In the bedroom, they can admit how much they need each other and acknowledge the peace and joy that they provide for one another.

Pisces may think that they pursue Scorpio, but Scorpio pursues them just as much. Even when Scorpio pretends to be aloof, it’s because they want to be chased and desired more intensely.

It’s hard for them to be completely honest with each other but they can quickly guess what the other is thinking, even if they pretend not to be doing so. Furthermore, not voicing every thought or feeling adds a quality of allure and mystery to their lovemaking. They know that they can say more in silence than through words.

Pisces and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

Their bond, like water, runs still and deep, a quiet passion that grows as their love grows. While there may be some painful memories, these two water signs know how to surrender to the flow of love and give themselves completely to the other.

Scorpio can learn forgiveness from Pisces. While Pisces forgives easily, Scorpio struggles with losing their pride and admitting when they are at fault. Pisces can also teach Scorpio how to be more trusting of people and to have more faith in their innate goodness since Scorpio’s suspicion can easily turn into paranoia.

Scorpio, meanwhile, can teach Pisces how to weather the storms of life. They can also teach them to trust themselves to get safely to shore, instead of merely hoping that things will work out.

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 90%

Their deep intuitive connection means that there are no hidden secrets between these two.

Emotions: 95%

Pisces’ depth of emotional sensitivity and Scorpio’s passion forges a lasting emotional bond.

Intellect: 70%

These two are more motivated by an emotional and intuitive connection than the need to exchange words.

Values: 70%

While Scorpio believes in ambition and force, Pisces is a lot more gentle and easy-going in their approach.

Sex: 90%

Their sexual bond feels like a homecoming and healing balm for their world-weary souls.

What are some famous Pisces-Scorpio couples?

Bruce Willis (Pisces) and Demi Moore (Scorpio), Steve Jobs (Pisces) and Lauren Powell (Scorpio), Kris Jenner (Scorpio) and Robert Kardashian (Pisces).

What signs are a good match for Scorpio?

Scorpio matches well with the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, and with the earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn.

Are Pisces and Scorpio a good match for marriage?

Pisces and Scorpio make an excellent match for marriage since they share strong intuitive telepathy, a depth of feeling, and a willingness to surrender their egos to the current of love.

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