You’ve probably heard of soul mates before, that person deeply connected with your heart, and you complement each other in every feeling and interest.

But what if there’s more than just one soul mate? One to fulfill our romantic longings and another to join us throughout the rest of our adventures and experiences.

Our platonic soulmate is that person with whom we share a strong affinity but not the romantic type.

That person with whom we get along, have fun and can trust.

However, it is so much more than a friend! It is that someone who can guess your true feelings, who is there for you through thick and thin, a person we can rely on at all times.

So, how can you know you found such a person? Read on and learn all about platonic soulmates and check out these 10 signs to guarantee you’ve met them.


What exactly is a Platonic Soul Mate?

Plato defines this type of relationship as a love that goes beyond understanding – a love that is intimate and affectionate, but not romantic. It is not meant to satisfy carnal needs but to bring out the best in each person and evolve spiritually.

We experience all kinds of love throughout our lives, and in each of our relationships, we love differently and enormously! 

It is impossible to describe the essence of love, it is in our nature, but at the same time, everyone expresses it with their own signature. 

Besides, we can love our siblings as friends, and a friendship can later escalate into a romance.

So how do we know if we have found our platonic soul mate? How to differentiate it from the rest of the people we share our life with and love deeply?

Well, there are some signs that, when you notice them, will remove all doubts of having found this beautiful soul.

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10 Strong Signs You’ve Found Your Platonic Soulmate.

Here is a list of 10 signs that prove that you have found this particular person and that you should take care of this relationship for life!

However, it won’t be a difficult task since the affinity you share between your souls will ensure a lifelong bond.


1. You never run out of topics to discuss.

No matter how many hours have passed, there is always something new to discuss! Conversations between you and your platonic soul flow spontaneously and never seem to end.

Everything you talk about is enjoyable and meaningful, and after your encounters, you end up feeling energized and inspired to broaden your outlook on life.

Nothing you share with this person feels meaningless or silly, plus you don’t have to do much explaining either. They understand exactly why you brought the subject up and listen to it attentively.


2. You enjoy spending time in silence.

Although the conversations that you and your platonic soul mate have are very stimulating and entertaining, you equally enjoy the quiet periods in between.

You never feel uncomfortable when there is nothing to say. You can spend hours side by side, each concentrating on your tasks without feeling awkward about it, quite the contrary!

You feel comfortable and calm. You can be yourself and enjoy the silence without it being a problem for the other person.


3. You predict each other’s thoughts.

The bond between two platonic soul mates is very intimate and strong, even beyond mere words.

You can effortlessly predict what they will say, what comments they might make, what kind of advice they are likely to give you, and what their response to your social overtures will be.

You can instantly predict their reactions, thoughts, and feelings, which shows how intense your bond is! Even if you haven’t known each other that long!


4. You have a whole repertoire of private jokes.

You and your platonic soul mate can be left breathless with laughter by jokes or situations everyone else fails to understand!

You both have a very particular sense of humour that is impossible for others to follow, no matter how hard they try.

Almost immediately, you start developing secret codes and private jokes that keep you laughing for hours and enjoying every moment to the fullest.


5. They respect the way you are and don’t try to change you.

We all have some quirks we just can’t help but do. Everyone is always trying to correct those kinds of habits. For instance, the volume of our voice, the way we hold our cutlery, or the sound of our footsteps when we walk.

However, our platonic soul mate will never say anything about it or try to change who you are! They accept you 100%, with your talents and your shortcomings. After all, they are what make you truly special.

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6. They will never let you down.

Your platonic soul mate will be there for you through thick and thin, regardless of the situation you are going through. They will never judge you or criticize your actions but will look for ways to help you overcome them.

They will celebrate your accomplishments and encourage you during your failures, and will never fail to pick up the phone when you need them. Somehow, they are both a guardian angel and a partner in crime for all your adventures.


7. They see beyond your intentions.

There is nothing you can hide from your platonic soul mate. They can see right through you, when you’re down, when you’re happy, or when you’re thinking of playing a joke on them.

Your platonic soul mate sees through your soul like an x-ray, and they are the first to know about your following plans before you even think about it yourself. 

They are a great help when you feel puzzled by an overwhelming situation and don’t know what decision to make! They know what is best, just like a calmer, more strategic version of you who will point out the right solution.


8. You feel that something is missing when they are not around.

When they are not around, you feel like a part of you is missing, even for a little while. Your platonic soul mate is that piece that gives meaning to your life. 

If they have to go away temporarily, you will miss them terribly, as they are the first person you think of when sharing important news.

And how can they not be if they have the same sense of humor, don’t judge you, understand your discomfort, and are always there for you?


9. You are free to express your discomfort.

Suppose something bothers you about your platonic soul mate. In that case, you are welcome to say so without concealing the truth, whether it’s a choice of clothing or some negative feedback about their current relationship.

You can be straightforward without fear of upsetting them, as they know you don’t mean any harm. This openness is refreshing and keeps the relationship healthy and stable.

They are probably the only person with whom you can be so frank and genuine, almost like talking to yourself! This is a clear sign that you are in the presence of your platonic soul mate.


10. They know how to boost your spirits.

No one knows better how to help when you’re having a bad day than your platonic soul mate. They say the right words, get your favorite food and make you laugh at your worst moments.

And if you need some alone time, they’ll make sure no one bothers you, even if you don’t ask for it. Relying on your platonic soul mate feels familiar and natural as if they can predict what makes you feel better before you even know it.


If you haven’t met your platonic soul mate, it’s out there.

Being in love is a beautiful and rewarding experience. Those who are happily in a couple can attest to it.

But it cannot compare to the support and love a steadfast friend brings to your life. These people won’t leave your side after a fight or misunderstanding.

Finding your platonic soul mate is beyond compare! They make you feel understood, supported, and acknowledged even when the rest of the world has turned its back on you.

You can talk for hours about any subject, but at the same time, you are both comfortable in silence. You share the same sense of humor, and you can be straightforward with them when something is upsetting you.

Moreover, when they are not around, you miss them terribly! They are the flavor that spices up your life, the first person you turn to when you have news, someone you can call your family, no matter how long you’ve known them.

If you have already found your platonic soul mate, congratulations! You are a fortunate person, and you must value such a relationship to the fullest!

And if you haven’t found them yet, don’t lose hope. Your platonic soul mate is real and is also longing to meet you.

We are all destined to meet each other at some point in our lives, and when that happens, we should thank the Universe for bringing them our way.