Do you think that self-care is perhaps selfish? Most of us, maybe, in some moment of growing up unconsciously uprooted the mistaken belief that a good person should be “selfless” and take care of others, and even for personal damage… But sometimes we have the impression that life goes too fast, it escapes us and we have not used it sufficiently. To pass through life like that means to pass alongside yourself! To make everyday life more fulfilled, one needs to take care of himself and listen to himself.


Learn to express your feelings

Ways to Practice Self Care

When you don’t express your own emotions and feelings you generate an immense inner barrier with yourself. This situation often triggers blockages, fears and, most importantly, not enjoying our emotional freedom.

Also, share with the people around you what you feel will bring you closer to them and will lead the communication between them in a more intimate way, rich in trust.



Avoid comparing yourself to others

Each one of us is unique and unrepeatable. Hence, constantly comparing yourself with others can only lead you to become what you are not. When we don’t accept ourselves as we are, with our strengths and less positive, we are blocking our essence. That makes you feel alive and to you love yourself.

Compare yourself in a healthy way with others to learn, acquire experiences that help you and tips that allow you to get better yourself.

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Form a small group

Ways to Practice Self Care

Form a group of people to whom you can go to when you need emotional support and advice to clarify. In many moments of our life experience, it is normal to feel blocked, without seeing the exit. A good friend who loves and respects you can always share with you the great wisdom of life. And make you see the light.



Keep time to enjoy

We all need to reward and pamper us. Loving yourself and taking care of yourself doing the activities that you like the most will allow you to feel very good. Don’t fall into the routine of always doing the same. Worry about enjoying your time and those you love.\

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Laugh whenever you can

Ways to Practice Self Care

Surround yourself with people who see life realistically, but also full of optimism, enthusiasm, and humor. Many scientific studies corroborate that your smile is a gift for yourself at physical and emotional levels. It also has some influence on your environment.



Just relax

When you relax you are improving the mind and helping your body to stay in shape, with a healthy internal balance. You can practice activities such as yoga, tai-chi, meditation, listening to music, reading books… Also, that may be an exercise that allows you not to think too much and feel good about yourself.

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Learn to say “no”

Ways to Practice Self Care

This is a pending task for many. Knowing how to say “no” to expectations, requests or unreasonable demands will allow you to respect yourself much more and to be respected. This way, you will avoid possible unpleasant future situations on an emotional level.



Do the job that you love

Find out if your job is good for you or you are comfortable with your surroundings. Focus on the things in your job that you like the most and pay less attention to those that displease you. A recommended thought in this plot is to remember that all jobs have unpleasant aspects.

If you are willing to change your professional position towards what you have always dreamed of, go on. Also remember: if you dream it is because you have everything you need to make it happen.

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Do exercise

Ways to Practice Self Care

Numerous studies confirm that the practice of exercise is very beneficial in the prevention, development, and rehabilitation of health while helping character, discipline and making a decision is beneficial in daily life. Also, being more active in your day to day life is a good way to start.



Take care of your spiritual life

Try to dedicate your day to day time to think about the things that give you peace, beauty, and serenity in life. Continue and follow your own spiritual path.

In conclusion, don’t keep anything inside you that has to do with love. Don’t be ashamed to manifest it with those you love the most. Share your thoughts with those who enjoy your confidence and breathe. Feel the silence and enjoy yourself.


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