This has been the longest year ever. The pandemic put a strain on relationships all over the world. You are stuck indoors and stressed. And you are either spending all your time with your loved one or worse – all your time apart. Though some countries are going back to normal, many of us still have no end in sight of our quarantine. 

So, how do you keep the relationship magic alive when you can’t go anywhere?

Here are my 20 quarantine date ideas to light a fire under your relationship and keep that romantic spark alive. 


1. Cook a meal from another country

Quarantine date ideas

Pick a country and make a famous dish based on their cuisine. 

Cook together or take turns serving each other. 

Challenge yourself to try a new recipe each time. I would recommend giving the Filipino dish “Chicken and Pork Adobo” a try. 

BBC food has great recipes from around the world. After all, don’t they say the way to the heart is through the stomach!


2. Make a TikTok together  

Okay, hear me out. Life has been hard lately. We’ve all been spending too much time glued to the news, reading the latest covid statistics. We need to release the tension. 

Why not do something silly? 

Download the TikTok app (if you don’t already have it) and pick a trending video. Have fun practising dance or doing some ad-lib. There’s nothing better to put on smile on your face than letting loose and being silly together.

Trust me; if you have time to kill, you can do it on TikTok. 


3. Dress to impress and hit the dancefloor 

This date will take some effort. But that’s the name of the game. 

Move the furniture.

 Dim the lights. 

Make space for a proper dancefloor.

Then go to separate rooms and take your time getting dressed to the nines. When you look good, you feel good, and this date is all about feeling good. 

Meet back at the “dancefloor” and dance the night away. Dancing is proven to boost your mood. Haven’t you seen Grey’s Anatomy?


4. Watch a documentary or a TED talk

Stop scrolling!

Picture this: you’re quarantining with your other half. Just the two of you. Alone. (Or maybe you don’t have to picture it!). 

You don’t see anyone else… ever.

Maybe it’s just the fact that you can’t go anywhere. Everything is closed. You never see your friends. 

Eventually, you are going to run out of things to say. So why not have an educational date night. I recommend checking out Seaspiracy on Netflix. Mind blown!


5. Have a picnic in the garden

It’s a lovely sunny day, but you have nowhere to go.

Bring the fun to you.

Make a day of it at home and have a picnic in your back garden.

Spread out blankets and some pillows. Put on some summer tunes. And treat yourself and your special someone to a delicious spread sitting under the sun and enjoying the fresh air. 

Don’t forget; you can’t have a picnic without sandwiches!


6. Netflix roulette 

Quarantine date ideas

I know you’re as tired as I am of fighting over the remote.

Try this challenge: The Netflix shuffle

Netflix has introduced a new shuffle button that will pick a random show or movie for you. Get the movie snacks ready, put on your comfiest clothes and draw the curtains. 

The rule is you MUST watch what Netflix picks for you. You might discover something unique. 

Or it could be brutal. 

Either way, you will have a fun experience, and you and your date can relax and focus on the movie (or not!).


7. Have a romantic massage

You can’t go to the spa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a massage.

Light some candles. Buy massage oil and take turns giving each other a massage. You would be surprised how romantic it can be. Take your time to explore your partner. Maybe you will learn something new about them.  

Spotify has a great massage playlist if you need help getting into the spirit of things.


8. Catch a sunrise

Just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t mean you have to miss out on nature. This date can be done in your backyard or take a drive to a nearby beach or romantic location. 

Set your alarms and get up in time to experience the beauty of a sunrise.

Pack a blanket and a thermos with some hot chocolate so you can snuggle and stay warm while you take in the morning. 


9. Paint and Prosecco 

This date will require a bit of planning.

Have you heard of the paint and prosecco phenomenon?

It’s self-explanatory. You drink prosecco while you try to replicate a painting. While you can’t go anywhere to do this right now, a lot of companies are selling “Paint and Prosecco Kits” that include everything you need for a fun and messy night. 

Order one online and surprise your loved one with a memorable date night.


10. Build a blanket fort

Or a pillow fort. 

Or both!

This date is for your inner child. Wind back time and gather all the pillows and blankets you have lying around. Build a fort and hang some fairy lights to set the mood. 

You can snuggle and share your deepest darkest secrets. Or you can spend time talking and enjoying the company.


11. Take an online workout class

For the fitness junkies out there, work up a sweat with your special someone by signing up for a class. 

You can try any workout online nowadays.

 Do some HIIT to get the blood flowing, or try a more relaxing yoga class. The possibilities are endless.


12. Wine and cheese night 

Quarantine date ideas

Who doesn’t love wine and cheese?

(If it’s you, we can’t be friends).

Look up some wine recommendations or ask a friend. Get a variety of cheeses (I love brie!) and arrange them in a pleasing aesthetic.

We eat with our eyes. 

Enjoy a sampling of your wine complimented with some cheese and spend the time complimenting each other about how fancy you are.


13. Host a virtual couples night 

I know we are all sick of Zoom calls now. It’s just boring after a while.

Mix it up and invite your favourite couples to join you on a virtual date. 

You can host a pub quiz or play a drinking game or catch up on each other’s lives. 

A good icebreaker is “Couple most likely to…”. Take your turns voting on hilarious scenarios, and try not to lose friends by the end!


14. Go camping 

This is a perfect date if you own a tent. 

Create the experience by going all out. Bring the tent, sleeping bags and pillows out to the garden. You’re not allowed to use any amenities that you wouldn’t have in the wild.

Make some s’mores and tell stories around the fire.

It doesn’t matter where you are if you are with the right person.


15. Have a bake-off 

Do you love the Great British Bake Off as much as me?

Even if you don’t, get your competitive juices flowing by challenging your partner to a bake-off in the kitchen. 

You’ll need to set a timer to keep it interesting. Find out who can bake the best banana bread. Or keep it a surprise and see who creates the best recipe.


16. Tackle a DIY project 

This date won’t work for everyone. Give it a miss if you and your partner spend any DIY projects arguing the time away.

If you do like home improvement, taking on a project together can be very satisfying. Paint a room or upcycle an old piece of furniture.

The feeling when you’ve accomplished something is great, and it’s a good reason to celebrate!


17. See a virtual comedian 

Another way to spread joy in your life is to leave it to the experts.

Many comedians are now offering tickets to a virtual show. Settle down with your partner and laugh until your cheeks hurt. There’s no better feeling.


18. Have a cocktail night 

If you want to (literally) mix things up, grab some ingredients and make your favourite cocktail. 

You could challenge each other to make a signature drink.

Strawberry daiquiri, anyone?


19. Breakfast in bed

Surprise your special someone and treat them to breakfast in bed. 

You could try to recreate their favourite avocado special or go for the classic Eggs Benny.

Get back into bed and enjoy your meal together. Bonus points for working off the breakfast after!


20. Movie bucket list 

You know those movies. 

The ones to watch before you die. 

The ones you never get around to.

Now is your chance! 

Keep it simple, and start checking movies off your bucket list. It will give you something to look forward to and something to discuss afterwards. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of 20 quarantine date ideas. Have more suggestions? Get in touch and let us know!