21 Good/Cute Questions To Ask A Girl

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List of 21 Good and Cute Questions to Ask a Girl. SoYou are observing her for a long time, and finally, she consented to go out with you. But now, you have a new problem – What to ask her? Questions about favorite books and movies you’ve already searched several times and you are afraid that could originate hush.

questions to ask a girl on a date
Flirty questions to ask a girl

But now is the time for some serious topics. Sure you do not want to turn out irresponsible and frivolous, so you should rip some serious themes. Besides, you should know that many girls like just such a topic. Girls are naturally curious and like to ask intimate questions.

Therefore, surprise her and go on the attack right from the issues that she would indeed know about you, but just did not dare to ask them immediately.

One of the main problems at the crash may be if you talk only about yourself and your interests. It is what many girls complain. This could be due to an enormous ego or too much anxiety, but whatever is the case, it isn’t comfortable to listen all evening just to any other.

So here is a small manual, find out what it’s all that you can ask and so it is better to know at the very beginning of your friendship. Of course, ask these questions and be moderate to your girlfriend, do not make her feel like she is under police investigation.

21 Good Questions to ask a Girl

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Questions to ask a girl you like

1. What are your secret skills?

Girls just love to talk about themselves and besides to be well presented, this question will be an excellent opportunity for them to brag themselves too. Whether you like this question or not, it is surely one of the good questions to ask a girl.


2. What was your favorite childhood toy?

questions to ask a girl on chat
To this question she may not respond immediately, but if it is slightly persuaded you will surely make a good laugh. Moreover, this question will introduce you to a gentle soul, worthy of attention. This is one of the good questions to ask a girl.


3. What was the best gift you’ve ever given to someone?

Never afford to miss bringing out this question, if you are really serious about interesting questions to ask a girl. This is another opportunity for her, to boast about herself and a great way to see how attentive she is when it comes to others.


4. What is the most embarrassing that happened to you in primary school?

Embarrassing childhood moment
No doubt, it is one of the funny questions to ask a girl. Start with your funniest incident if you do not wish to frighten her, and continue with her childhood events. It is important that she realizes that the most important thing to you is to find out everything related to her and that, also, you want to make a perfect fun on your date. (via)


5. What would you grab if your house was on fire?

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This is a good way to figure out what are her life priorities. Whether she is someone who binds to things, and to know how much are they important to her. Maybe she will give you the perfect explanation as how would she act in such circumstances, and that could make you more happy than what your expectations were. To be honest, this is the best questions to ask a girl. (via)

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