Every candidate before appearing for an interview prepares their best, and maybe they are talented enough to answer each question the interviewer shoots their way. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you should have an added capability of questioning the interviewer too and not just answering the questions as every candidate does. A successful interview should have a productive conversation.


Here is a list of smart questions that you should ask your interviewer:

smart questions to ask your interviewer

What are the skills and proficiencies you are looking for in an ideal entrant?

This question shows to the interviewer that you care about your future in the firm, and you will work to improve skills if it needs to improve your skills. It shows that you are a diligent worker.


If I got selected for the interview, what are your expectations from me in the first month?

With this question, the interviewer will understand that you are going to be a useful resource for them, and you won’t be wasting their time. It will picture you in the mind of an interviewer that you mean business. It will be clear to the interviewer that you are concerned about your job responsibility.

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What is the company’s highest priority goal this year?

It will show to the interviewer that you have enough information about the company, and you are aware of what the company is currently working on.


Who previously held this position?

These are always a back story associated when a position opens up. It may happen that the previous employee has been promoted, or the employee was asked to leave. Also, it may happen that is a brand new role being created for you. So, this question is important to ask to know the ins and outs of the profile you are going to take on.

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How will I grow in this company? IS there any space for growth?

Questions to ask your interviewer
This question will make sense and will sound good only if you left your previous company you were working on because of your growth issues.


Am I going to get any pieces of training that can help refining my skills?

With this question, you can observe whether with this company your skills are going to nurture or not. Does the company look after their employee and work for their welfare too?

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How my performance will be evaluated over here? On what grounds will I be judged for appraisals?

With this question, the interviewer may think that you are money-minded. But who doesn’t want good appraisals? Every employee. Right? So ask this question without any hesitation. If you know beforehand the basis on which your appraisals depend on, you can strengthen your skills accordingly.


Can you tell me about the team I will be working with?

This is a casual question. You can ask your interviewer to lighten up the atmosphere. It shows you are curious and ready to work in a company.


What are the qualities of your team leader?

This question may or may not be liked by your interviewer, but it shows to your interviewer that you will work in the company with competition spirit, and you will always work better.

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What is the next step in the process?

This is a fundamental question, and a candidate should ask. It shows to the interviewer that you interested in moving along in this process which in turn invites interviewer to tell you about the candidates running for this position.

All the best for the interview

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