Money does spell happiness, but the absence of it can certainly trigger anxiety, depression, and unhappiness in most mortals. Google says happiness is “the state of being happy”? Is it really so, and do all of you stand in agreement with this statement? If not, then what is happiness in real tangible terms?

Is it the state of attaining complete peace of mind and abundance in all areas of life?


Material wealth cannot guarantee happiness alone. Discarding materialistic wealth is no guarantee for a lifetime of happiness. Imagine a situation where you throw away all of your material possessions, earthly relations and move to an abode in the Himalayas to unearth inner peace. Now you are fighting with inclement conditions where there is a scarcity of food and you will be battling with insects, wild animals, loneliness.  You have to do 4 hours of meditation daily and adapt to the new lifestyle.

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Would you be happy now?

I swear the answer will be “No.” Happiness can’t be found in materialistic stuff or the forest so what is real happiness?

I am quite tired and upset about the doublespeak being dished out to gullible impressionable and vulnerable audiences by motivational speakers. Most of them will invariably ask you to give up on smartphone-enabled social media use and even sophisticated gadgets that help make our life simple. They propagate an iconoclastic ideology that self-esteem is not connected to the money you make or have inherited.

Ask the same question to someone who has lost his job or is feeling bitter after tasting personal failure in business? Self-esteem is intricately related to money and the fundamental bait motivational speakers use to attract audiences in their workshops is that it will help them make more money. On one hand, they ask you to give up on smartphones while they use the same smartphones to popularize their workshops on the web and social media.


Why on earth do these so-called “motivational” speakers ask us to dissolve our profile on social media on one hand and on the other hand they themselves are found using online marketing programs to chase more and more followers as it gets the moolah. If you think money is not happiness try giving some money to someone who only feeds their stomach once in a day. And see how their eyes are illuminated!

Entrepreneurs also tell love your own body, especially to girls. They ask girls not to use make-up and don’t chase so much for perfections. Imagine if I gave away make-up kit to a girl who can’t afford it. Her happiness would be on top of the mountain. She will look more beautiful definitely, and her face will light up.

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Now, what if a girl ask me to give her a make-up kit and I say “No.” And I keep giving her lecture like most entrepreneurs do to love your body. How judgmental it would be!

I would say No because I don’t want to give my money to her. Have you ever seen a speaker without make-up on a stage? Why do they say things which they can’t implement in their life?

I don’t have any personal grudge against motivational speakers, but I’m writing this just to make people aware of what is happening in the world. These words are written to help people see through the rhetoric and doublespeak being dished out to them through print and electronic mediums and inspire a generation to live better.

Most of the time even I don’t know when I’m happy and unhappy. Surely this is the scenario of many people. I like writing, playing and watching football, singing and listening podcast. There is no in-between, and I keep vacillating between each activity
till I go off to sleep.


Real Happiness: How to decipher it?: Happiness is inside, and it’s the state of contentment. Balance is the key to attaining happiness and abundance in all areas of life. Materialistic stuff and giving up on them doesn’t guarantee satisfaction of any sort. However, personally, for me, ‘stoicism’ is the key to unlock happiness. It is the endurance
of pain or hardship without showcasing hard feelings and complaints.

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Don’t base your happiness on contingent events like passing an exam, getting that coveted job, finding that dream partner, or getting that long-overdue promotion. You will never be happy as happiness comes to those who have learned to smile and keep a cool head despite all odds.

Trust me; you can be happy even after failing to achieve those things. Always have a positive perspective, “things you miss was not meant for you, and things meant for you, you will not miss.” Just do the things you like. Avoid things you don’t like. If you plan to purge your belongings, let me know so I can go through your stuff.

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