5 Reason Why Can’t You Have Your Dream Crush In India

5 Reason Why Can’t You Have Your Dream Crush In India

Having a crush on someone is one of the most beautiful things that can ever happen to you. They just look at you, and your heartbeats are at the top of the mountain.

On the other hand, the most painful thing in the world is when you can’t even have a crush (Forget about being in a relationship). If you think that this can never be true, let me tell you that we are talking specifically about India.

Here are five reasons why you can’t have your dream crush in INDIA. There is nothing wrong with the guys here, but the only fault is that we are born in the wrong country.

why you can't have your dream crush in india


The majority of boys are far greater than that of girls in India. So, Dude, your crush has abundant of options, and you are not the only one to impress her.

Not to miss out, some guys do not even respect girls, and some tease them all the time. So, how do you think that your crush can differentiate you from them? Can your crush understand that you are the only one who has pure feelings and a golden heart for her? Yes, she will. But it will take a hell lot of time, and most probably, you will give up on her before she gets to know you properly.

The only fault of your’s is that you are born in the wrong country where boys don’t respect girl and girl feel afraid to talk to an unknown boy.



shy indian guy

A large number of Indian guys are shy, and some of the guys don’t even know how to talk with Girl. The real problem starts from the schooling level. A guy who is seen talking with girls is always treated poorly, and in some situations, this guy is called as “Female” too.  So most of the boys don’t talk to girls from the schooling level, and then these habits last forever with them. Not to mention, there is a zero percent chance of you getting a girl; if you can’t have are Shy and don’t even know how to talk to girls.

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Our society thinks in a very inferior way. Girls who get in a relationship are treated inadequately. That’s the main reason why most Indian girls don’t want to be in a relationship. So you can’t have your crush in this country because our society doesn’t respect girls that are in a relationship.

We are the one who makes a society, so guys let’s change our thinking, maybe our son/daughter can have her/his dream crush. After all, the future generation will be run by us. In my view, an arranged marriage is a life-long agreement between two broken hearts.



indian girls cannot fall for the right guy

This reason may hurt you, but it’s a harsh truth you got to admit that. Indian girls have many options, so why would your crush date you as she always has someone better than you. You may love her with your whole heart, but it will not matter to her because Indian girls only love Slackers and the one who has a great personality with aimless future. Indian girls can’t fall in love with a decent guy, and this reason is still not found maybe they have this problem in their DNA.

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You’re Looking For Different Things

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You can’t have your crush because maybe it became apparent at some point that you were looking for friends with benefits while they were looking for a relationship. And this is the ugliest thing that a guy can do for her crush.

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