Have you ever been in love with a stranger? If so, are you able to assess if there is some difference when you love someone who comes from the same region, who was “shaped by” the same traditions, value systems, similar to the way of education, or someone entirely different in their mentality and perception?

Can such a relationship be successful? Does “I love you” sound the same in English as well as in all other world languages? Do strangers attract us precisely because they are different, or love knows no boundaries, so the love found us and easily and entirely possess us?

Many questions can be asked on the subject of love between different nations, although the practice has been shown that emotions do not know geographical boundaries.

Reasons to Date Someone from Another Country

It has been proved that this love can succeed, but does the relationship with a stranger gives you more opportunities or this love goes through the same stages and challenges as well as “ordinary” love?

What are the advantages of such relationships and what are the reasons that make a relationship with someone from another country interesting?


Multicultural couples are becoming increasingly commonplace in our global society

Globalization, travel and educational initiatives to promote integration with the world, such as various student scholarships, and other similar projects designed to facilitate the internationalization of ideas and business, have resulted, in recent years, the increasing number of couples of different nationalities.

Psychologists claim that the relationships with a stranger for many are beautiful and different from those who achieve the relationship with people of the same nationality, just because it’s something new, unknown, and it sometimes seems exotic.

Some people like unusual, who are excited by uncertainties, and their relationship with a stranger is more satisfying than a relationship with a person of the same environment.

Undoubtedly, having a partner from another country can get to enrich you a lot, the contribution to the relationship of a different worldview, new customs, different times or exotic gastronomy. A luxury that can go slowly discovering in your home from the hand of your love. But, how do they understand each other?

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The language of love

Reasons to Date Someone from Another Country

Considering that one of the pillars of a stable relationship is good communication, you can think that couples who have different languages are doomed to failure. But let’s face it; communication is conspicuously absent in couples where both members speak the same language. Because the comprehension and understanding are not reached through the same language, but through a common interest.

So you can speak English, and your partner can talk French, but if the arrows of love have touched you, you can get to have a much stronger relationship than with your ex-boyfriend from your environment and in a traditional relationship. Although it is true that love is not enough and you need to make a great effort to bring positions and reach agreements; neither more nor less than the other couples.

To have different cultures and speak different languages may seem, in principle, a further disadvantage. However, it is very likely that if you have a crush on someone so far away culturally from you, you are more open and tolerant than the majority of people. So do not hesitate to take full advantage of multiculturalism and meet new lifestyles. Whenever there are love and respect, the relationship can move forward.

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An opportunity for traveling

Relationship with someone from another country is also exciting because of travels. Often changing of the destination and changing of address correspond to particular types of personalities and provide dynamic without which their relationship would not have succeeded. Such people do not tolerate static, so that their each relationship where there is no this kind of excitement, is boring, claim psychologists. When we are with someone from another country, it is all new, and relationship with them is a true little adventure, exploring, an experiment… And some of us cannot live without it.

Love succeeds when there are emotions, when two want the same thing, with similar ideas about how the shared future should look like. And that has little to do with a passport.

Emotions are being developed under the most improbable circumstances, often between those who belong to the “enemy” nations. Think of all the advantages of a multicultural love and just let yourself because there is a lot that this kind of love makes it interesting.

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