Life’s equations have never been always logical, life can be mysterious yet deceiving, but Life isn’t hard to master! 

In a world where virtual and fragile standards define our own value, possibilities, and paths. Here, LIFE NEEDS A PAUSE.

When you have infinite reasons to let go, One reason could change the equation. One enough reason could change the game. When you’ve got that reason, stick to it, with fear, with doubt, and even with pain.

“I know that the world has not paved a path that leads me to a door. I am dragging the world to my door by not giving up.” -Erica Young


The Art of Breaking.

Reasons to live

Have you ever heard of “Kintsugi“? Well, it is the art of broken things and filling the cracks with gold. In Japan, they do not believe that there is a fracture that is not beautiful, and they believe that the real fracture is in hiding and covering the defect of the fracture. If we acknowledge the truth of things and do not cover them, if we are taught that breaking is an art and that the only thing that will really kill us is not to admit our fragility and despair sometimes, but to submit to it, to rest, to let go, and then to be able to resist.

If we learn that the resistance with an imperfect arm is a lost war for sure! If we replace all these trivial sentences by accepting that you have lost a part / an arm / a friend / a heart / a life! Yes, but now you know where your strength is, where you left your head, and then you are safe. 

Pain has many faces, there is pain that makes you absent, incapacitates you, and makes you disappear within the days away from yourself, and there is pain that builds – despite your breaking – your heart, it builds it, strengthens it, and revives it to feel the pain of others, fills the cracks and changes the world.

“The scars are the design. Your attention is drawn to the cracks and how they are mended. That is what you’re supposed to see. The beauty is in the brokenness.” -Justin Whitmel Earley.


The Art in Melancholy.

On the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland lies this copper sculpture created by Albert Gyorgy called “Melancholy“. After losing his wife, the artist created this sculpture to portrays the emptiness which is left in him by pain, deep grief, and loss through the way the head of the statue bends into this deep void; unable to focus on anything but his grief. This gap depicts many of the feelings and battles we face in our lives.

For those who have lost a child, for those who have lost their battle, for the melted souls when deep sorrow, and for our silence when letting down. Never give up, even if you’re exhausted, even if you’ve become worn and full of water that has drowned your soul, even if life has consumed you and turned you into her crooked shoulder.

The gaps were made for those who would fill them, who convinced you that they were made for the fall?

Peace be upon your heart that bears the weight of the world, and peace is upon your soul, your burden, and your many bright days and days to come; inevitably and must be.


Our Sorrow is Finite, but Life is Infinite. 

Life itself is infinite, you will always be able to start over as if nothing had happened. And you’ll always find something that makes it interesting. You will live experiences that you have not lived before, you will see yourself in images of life that you have never imagined before, and you will be fascinated by yourself as you have never done before!

You will read a book you haven’t read, a beautiful sight you didn’t look at, a place you didn’t see, a goal you didn’t achieve, a passion you didn’t realize, a new feeling you didn’t feel as if life was closed rooms and every stage has a new lock to open a world of possibilities. 

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Find yourself, Lose it, Find it again, and Repeat.

Someone once said, “We need to come back to life several times until we perfect it”. Well, life is a vicious repeated circle of similar events. Everyone has been there, some let go, some failed, some tried harder, and some changed the game.


You got it wrong!

Don’t pretend to experiment, give it a try, and don’t be afraid. Life is rooted in many deep pits, and if it were not for its existence, the road would not have held together. 

Fall and falter, pause if you like, and believe sometimes that there is no escape from your own perdition, but do not think that this will last, or that you are beyond the error of others, however far this error may be from your realization now.

Standing up again and not giving up, in the end, is what will drag the world to your feet.


Nobility is being superior to your former self.

Reasons to live
Allez-Viens “Come On” sculpture by Isabel Miramontes

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Be the scale, your own progress scale. No one is perfect and without flaws, but some people embrace their flaws perfectly. Hope for the best and act accordingly. We, humans, are the only creatures capable of dreaming and imagining, of imagining ourselves in virtual states of our own creation, of imagining different versions of the reality we live in, and even of imagining different versions of ourselves. Your sorrow is infinitesimal compared to the great possibilities of this life.

It only starts with “What if!

Be brave, or pretend, no one will know the difference. Dream big, accept your own reflection, the light has always been within you, stay alive for the possibilities you will become, for the future you will create because you are not just this moment and even your grief will turn around in other forms.

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Nothing haunts us like the things we Do Not Say.

Remember that nobody does it alone, and it has never been a solo journey. Sometimes, all you need is a partner to beat off the deformity of this world and it has always been said that if you want to bring a person back to life, just put in his path someone who genuinely loves him and believes in him. With every person, you will befriend in your life, learn from him – and with him – until you will become carrying parts of him- and at some point, you’ll have a face, a story, and a path.

Fall seven times, stand up eight, hold hands, walk together, share the journey, don’t give up hope, and don’t burn bridges because you never know when you’ll have to cross them again!

Seek help, take mental vacations, treat life lightly and gently, and when you find love, build your world around it, and never forget: “Defeat is only for the brave; cowards do not fight battles.


You can be the Lighthouse.

You can be your own inspiration because your daily efforts to survive are the success itself. All you need to do is get in the right frame of mind, look for the silver linings, and give your dreams a chance.

Embrace a noble cause, believe in it, expand your pores on the world. Smile at strangers, tell a sad girl that she looks beautiful, and notice how her faded face transforms into light. Make it a habit. 

Be strong for all those who see you as a safe haven, a home. Be someone’s hero, get inspired, be inspiring, stick notes in your heart, in your mind, and ask yourself, “When was the last time your eyes shone brightly?” and “What gives you life?”.

Seek for answers, explore your soul, and be ready to be amazed!


Grief is just Love with no place to go. 

Grief is a form of affection that does not know where to belong. Accept your grief, to fill the void, the loneliness, the falling, and being a human who sometimes needs someone. Just a comrade. Do not drown yourself in searching for the cause of the failure or the causes of grief. Believe your soul, days may confuse this fragile tiny thing.

“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go.” -Jamie Anderson


No one can save you, but Yourself.

You are worth saving. 

No one will do the hard work for you, and you are the only one who can steer your happiness in the right direction. Practice self-love and always make a safe place within you, inviolable, invincible, and also unreachable.

Read. learn what others have spent a lifetime facing, because in books we go to our parallel world and not only for the purpose of knowledge, the world in which someone can with one word put his hand on your shoulder and balance the world. 

Educate, have fun, and try yourself in physics, energy, poetry, cuisine, philosophy, and decor, because you might be surprised to see yourself in places you never imagined looking like you and fitting you.

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Lightly child, Lightly.

Lightly, gently. You never know where you’ll end if you take life lightly. As we forget the good times, we will forget the dark ones. That is life; nothing is eternal, and our concealed attainments are our greatest immutability at all.


“It’s dark because you are trying too hard.

Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.”

-Aldous Huxley-

Again, have faith in your soul. Don’t ignore it, and don’t ignore your small feelings, because ignoring them will leave you with a lot of regrets in the future. Someone loves you. Someone is waiting to love you. Just hold on. I send you my wishes for stability, virtual consolation, and hope.

These are wars, all kinds of wars, even our daily wars and struggles for survival.

To the heroes of these wars.

Don’t lose hope.