Movies always teach us one thing, “love is enough to keep a relationship strong.” But is it really true? Is love enough to keep us happy as well? Aren’t compatibility and love, two very different things? Love isn’t a sure shit cure for every problem that we have in our relationship. It is so not the final solution for our pains and struggles in life. This is why it is necessary to not overestimate the power of love and keep it real. While you believe that “you need love”, along with it, you need respect and humility as well. Once I was sixteen and in love, but there was a lack of respect we gave to each other. And yes, it didn’t work out. Here are reasons why love is not enough to keep a relationship going:


Compatibility is a different word.

Love is Not Enough for a Relationship

It is possible for two people to be in love but not be compatible enough. You can fall in love with anyone for the little things they do, but it doesn’t mean you can be a perfect couple for the rest of your life. While love might be a strong emotional power inside a person which can move them to a great extent, it is compatibility which you need to rely on to live a happy life together.

You need to have some amount of same opinions or share some common interests to be happy in each other’s company. There are disastrous relationships where partners abuse each other, where there is a little respect, where one person always brings the other one down, where a partner isn’t happy about your achievements, but that doesn’t mean that there was no love. But are such relationships worth living?


Relationship problems can’t be solved by love.

When the families don’t get along, when there is a lot of distance, when there is no time to give each other, there is some love which makes you believe that you are going to overcome all the issues and be happy one day. But that doesn’t happen, my friend. It just seems that nothing happened when two people in love meet each other after a long time, but the issues usually remain the same and they create havoc when you are not around each other. Break-ups are bound to happen if other less “significant” things seem to slide under your eyes, with you being well-aware that there are problems.

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You can’t always make sacrifices on the name of “love”.

Love is Not Enough for a Relationship

When you are in love, it is essential that you love yourself too. But at times, we tend to give the other one so much importance that we ignore our needs to keep them happy. Does it work in the long run? Well, no. One day you will realize that you must have self-respect to keep yourself happy and no matter how many sacrifices you end up doing to keep your relationship together, it will fall apart if the other person is not doing the same and if you both end up giving up on your own wishes just to fulfill what the other wants. You shouldn’t lose your own identity while you are in a relationship, no matter how much in love you both are.


Is there a strong friendship?

“Pyaar Dosti hai”, aka love is friendship, and the advice that people give to keep relations strong is that the two people should be best of friends. This doesn’t mean that if you talk to them as a best friend or spend time with them the similar way, it will be enough, but rather you should be able to tell them where they are going wrong or which “negative behavior” you wouldn’t tolerate.

Since you say “no” to your best friend easily over things you don’t want to do, you can do the same when your partner asks you the same. You should notice if their behaviors are good enough for you, the kind of talk which you wouldn’t put up with if it wasn’t a romantic relationship.

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Would you make your best friend stay in your house if they have no care about the maintenance? Would you ask for passwords of your best friend’s accounts? There are times when you lose your self-esteem being in terrible relationships, only for the sake of love! Is it good enough, then?

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