The latest hair trends are recommending short “pixie” hairstyle with careless bangs. Rihanna, Keira Knightley, Michelle Obama … are just some of the stars who gone mad about this absolute hit of the season. This practical hairstyle is suitable for all types of faces and by combining hair length, you can express the proper shape of the head, to highlight cheekbones and to emphasize the eyes.

Pixie haircut is layered trimmed haircut with optional thinning ends, which enter into each other. This way of cutting gives us the freedom of nurturing because the hair can be dried easily. Moreover, not even the wind can spoil and it behaves well while growing.

This hairstyle can be complemented by color or combination of colors and highlights. It looks nice in all shades from platinum through brown to black. For the styling is ideal pasta for combing, which emphasizes thinned ends and gives a sexy look.

If you are still unsure whether to dare to such a big step and to cut off your long hair being cared for years, here are some reasons why you should cut your hair this way:

pixie haircut

Easier maintenance. Before going out, long hair must be always good combed and stylized and that, sometimes, involves a certain time. Short hair is practical and is intended for women who are employed and busy, and they have more important things in mind from the constant hair styling. The big pro: you wake up and you’re ready when it comes to hair.

You will feel freer. Long hair sometimes can be a burden on the head and shoulders, while short hair gives you a sense of freedom and spontaneity.

Brings you back to youth. Short hair can always be decorated with colorful pins, but so that it does not look funny. Usually, these silly accessories are not the best on long hair. Also, shorter hair gives a youthful appearance, so if you feel older than you are, you can always try a short cut.

You can comb your hair with your fingers. Long hair is often tangled and you must brush your hair throughout the day. With short hair that is not the case, because your fingers are easily going through the hair, leaving it more disheveled.

It gives you a sharper appearance. Concretely, a pixie haircut gives a sharper look to an oval face. On the other hand, long hair gives a feminine and softer look and if you already have a cute and sweet face, do not hide it under the long hair. Highlight your beautiful face with a short haircut. Long hair is the symbol of femininity, and when you no longer have it, there is everything else. It is a discovery.

Less shampoo and balsam. Think about it. Maybe it sounds funny, but saving shampoo and balsam on a monthly basis will really surprise you. The shampoo consumption is minimal and you no longer need treatment creams or oils.

Originality and style. When you cut your hair you will mentally calculate the fact that at the place you go you are always the one with the shortest hair, except on rare occasions as several hipster situations.

Everything looks brighter. Factions, neck, head shape. Also the accessories, like scarves, rings, and even clothes.

Bonus: You can distinguish the fool people. This pro may sound a bit ridiculous. If someone says that if his girlfriend cut her hair this way, he would kick her. Or someone says that you look like a lesbian you can remove them from your contact list quickly and without further ado.

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