One of the most common questions that we ask ourselves is “how to maintain a long-term relationship.” The answer is complicated and depends on person to person, but it contains a few standard points.

The secret of maintaining a long-term relationship is to learn to deal with all sorts of delicate situations. Hacks below will help you to find the quickest route to general happiness and preserve that feeling as long as possible.


Do not forget your manners

Relationship Hacks

“Thank you,” “please” and “you’re welcome” are terms that can be of great help in the relationship with your partner because it will remind him that he’s loved, respected and that it is not taken “for granted.”


Variety is the spice

Studies have shown that boredom leads to dissatisfaction in the relationship. However, several novelties, such as the common departure into a new restaurant, can bring a lot of joy. Travel, exercise, hobbies …

Find something that you can deal with together, and it will bring a touch of something new in your relationship. Common discoveries can also bring you together and make you feel happier.

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Acknowledge the problems caused by his/her behavior

Awkward silence and repressed aggression can ruin a relationship. Everyone wants their partner to recognize and point out the problems, even if they are so obvious, of course, not in an aggressive manner.

Learn the polite way to talk about the problems and point to the changes that you would like to see in the relationship.


Argue skillfully

Relationship Hacks

To maintain good arguments, stick to the rules of arguing. Let the offenses be something that you will avoid a wide berth during an argument. When things get tough, take breaks from the argument. Allow your loved one to finish the sentence and never initiate a debate when you are angry.


Quid pro quo

Nobody likes requests, but everybody appreciate the compromise. If you want that your lover does something, and you’re not sure whether if he was going to agree, the fastest way to avoid conflict is to offer something in return. For example, watch the match with him, but on the condition that after that you watch a movie of your choice. The same goes in the reverse case. If you want to watch in peace your favorite football match, allow her to organize the next activity for both and thereby to please her as much as she pleased you.

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Two heads are smarter than one

When you’re in a relationship, it means that you made a “coalition.” An umbilical cord does not connect you, but it is easier to solve problems together, rather than individually.

Whether it’s about that some of you two getting fat, or you have financial concerns, more productive you will overcome them if you act like comrades.


Give him/her a compliment

Relationship Hacks

There’s no need to fake it and lie, but certainly there must be a lot of things that you like about your partner, so do not forget to mention it from time to time. This trick will motivate him/her to return you the compliment or she/he will give more effort to keep these things that you appreciate.

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Avoid routine

It is not unusual for couples who have a long-term relationship to fall into the routine. Sometimes, it’s not even that bad. However, the boundary between the routine and boredom is minuscule. Make an effort and occasionally surprise your partner with a trip to someplace you’ve never been.  It doesn´t have to be anything spectacular, just a little bit different than usual.

Remind your partner that you are still spontaneous and that you know how to have fun. Together retrace new things and you will both enjoy.


Learn to say “sorry.”

Sorry is small, but sometimes the hardest word when it’s rolling over the lip. Not surprising that the psychologists of apologizing create an “art”, because this word can change a lot of things and make life more beautiful. If you are aware of your guilt, there’s absolutely no reason to be embarrassed to admit it, because anyone can make a mistake.

Regardless of whether you are too late somewhere or you have offended your partner, or might miss an important date, try to admit your mistake as soon as possible, since late apology has no such effect as when it arrives at the right time or when someone is angry with you.

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Control your jealousy

Relationship Hacks

To save the emotional relationship, it is necessary that both partners want it and to find satisfaction in it. However, if one partner is inclined to think that he cannot live without the love of the other, that life has to mean only in pairs; a high probability is that the person will be in constant anxiety about the possibility of losing love and partner.

Such emotional state is manifested through jealousy and possessiveness, and that begins to burden partner, and makes relationship dysfunctional.

Ultimately, such an emotional state and behavior become the reason for breaking up. Although moderate jealousy in some situations it can be helpful because it shows that you do care about someone, in some cases it is entirely inappropriate, and therefore, you must learn to control your jealousy to save your relationship.

Relationship Hacks

Once you have mastered all these hacks and learned to deal with all the things we have mentioned, it is almost sure that your partner will be absolutely pleased with you because with you, he or she is exposed to only pleasant situations all the time, and when someone feels comfortable with something there is no reason not to wish to keep you forever beside him/her.

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