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21 Good Questions To Ask A Girl

questions to ask a girl

List of 21 Good and Cute Questions to Ask a Girl. So, You are observing her for a long time, and finally, she consented to go out with you. But now, you have a new problem – What to ask her? Questions about favorite books and movies you’ve already searched several times and you are […]


Why Relationship In Today’s World Barely Works?

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We live in a fast-moving world where everything is changing in a blink of an eye. Love is a sweet 4 letter word but the problem these days is that we seek love from people who don’t love us. We keep on wasting time on people who don’t appreciate, nor love us. It’s kinda funny […]


A Day When She Finally Accepted Me


It is very tough to get love from the moon, star, sun & you. You are the non-living thing for me because you can’t understand my emotions. But I guess human’s emotion can change everything and in my case, my emotions for her was higher than the clouds & stars. They say parallel lines doesn’t […]


10 Ways To Find Love And Be Loved As You Want

ways to find love

Your life can become a total mess if you fail at finding a perfect soul mate for yourself. Finding Mr. or Ms. Perfect is becoming more stressful and hard in a generation that seems to be focused on lust and greed. There can be many people out there who assure you that they are the […]

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50 Inspirational Love Quotes and Sayings

love quotes

The best and the worst thing about love is that; it cannot be expressed in words. We have therefore compiled the best love quotes of all times, that will definitely help you to express your feelings in terms of words. These famous inspirational love quotes and sayings can help anyone to describe the emotions they […]