To be frank, we people are always broke, aren’t we? Otherwise, why would we be reading articles like these? We would be having a vacation on a beachside every two months, now, that’s a dream eh? But till that dream is achieved, we are on a budget and we still need to relax, don’t we? Even if we don’t have that much money, we still work our ass off. There are little things in life that would help you get relaxed and you should always count on them. Not take that cup of coffee too lightly, and enjoy its every sip as not everyone gets to have it.


Don’t hit the snooze button.

Relax Without Spending Money

You might be happy postponing your wake-up time, but you would always feel more active if you wake up on the first alarm, instead of relying on the snooze. Because we all know very well how irritating those alarms are. Why do you want to start your day on that note?


Sit in the shower.

Yes, you read it right. Studies have suggested that sitting in the shower could actually relax you and energize you for the day. Have you seen movies where the girl is weeping in the shower while sitting down? Well, that is because the water dripping on her head is calming her even though her tears are rolling down her cheeks.

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Have a homemade coffee.

Even if Starbucks coffee would do wonders, having a homemade coffee, which you make yourself, would also perk you up. Moreover, you can save money and not purchase the pricey coffees from coffee shops which don’t even have sugar in them! Ugh.


Do some quick stretches.

Relax Without Spending Money

It isn’t as better as a morning jog, but I know you are not the one who would go for a run early in the morning. Thus, you can try this time-saving, yet energizing technique of doing stretches throughout the day. They are mood changers and hence will relax you.

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Avoid taking breakfast on the way.

Rather have it at home, even if you have to wake up five minutes earlier for it. Breakfast at home doesn’t have much sugar, in comparison to breakfast meals available outside. Sugar amounts to increase in stress levels and then, you can’t relax that well.


Don’t indulge in junk food during lunch.

It might feel good for a while to have that Big Mac but the high fat and salt levels in junk food only contribute to stress.

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Look out the window.

Relax Without Spending Money

Don’t just sit and stare at your computer screen, but spend few minutes looking out at the view outside your window. Let some natural light and fresh air (even if it’s polluted, lol) fall over you as it would rejuvenate you.


Clean your desk.

De-cluttering your desk and keeping clean surroundings does wonders to the brain. If your desk is always messy, it would be hard for you to be at peace. Yes, it is all related!

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Drink herbal teas.

Herbal teas are better for your health and they help you relax as chamomile helps in providing relaxation to the mind. You should avoid having ten cups of coffee in a day, as we all know how too much caffeine can be bad for you.


After the working hours are over, clear your head.

Spend some alone time and get away from all that you did throughout the day. Even five minutes spent alone for meditation or simply sitting ideal, without any stressful thoughts aids comfort.

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Listen to music.

Relax Without Spending Money

And I don’t mean the depressing songs, but the classical ones which are our all time favorites. Hearing calming music before bed leads to better sleep.


Call someone beloved.

It is always great to reconnect with people who you’ve lost touch with. Also, you can always share your thoughts with your best friends on phone, even if they are not near to meet you or can’t find time in their busy schedules. If they are close to you, they would always care enough to talk to you on phone and it would make you even more vibrant.

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Indulge in a bite of chocolate.

Yes, I said, “a bite” else you are going to turn into a potato if you rely on too much chocolate for stress relief. But, even if you are on a diet, a small piece of chocolate would elevate your mood and you would feel happier! I know I do. *wink* And not just me, it’s the research!

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