It is only in darkness that you can see the stars…

We are so conditioned to avoid darkness and difficulty in our lives, but often those moments are the most defining in our lives. Life’s greatest challenges can be our greatest teachers. This was the case for Sarah Anne Stewart.

Sarah Anne Stewart

The story of Sarah Anne Stewart is a classic tale of rising from adversity. Once a fashion model gripped by eating disorders, today Sarah is an upcoming author, certified health practitioner, weight loss expert and global wellness consultant. From fighting for her life to now shining in the world of educating others, Sarah’s is an inspiring story of the good that can grow out of our darkest of places.

Sarah’s childhood was different from most. While other kids were eating fast food and candy, Sarah was introduced to the world of nutrition and meditation. Her parents’ unconventional lifestyle shaped her perception of her body’s capabilities… a perception that eventually saved her life.

Sarah had tomboyish looks in her childhood. Her classmates teased and made fun of her and, although she evolved physically, their bullying made a lasting impression on her. For years she believed that her looks defined her worth and that her weight determined her place in society.

Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah was just 14 years old when her father was diagnosed with cancer. In the middle of adolescence, she helped her father in curing his terminal cancer with alternative medicine and personal mantras. Her father’s progress gave her faith in holistic health at a very young age.

A year later, when Sarah was 15, she won a modeling competition at a local grocery store and then was later scouted by a modeling agency. As unexpected as this was, Sarah worked hard to prove herself in the fashion world to have success in the industry.

To further her modeling career, Sarah moved to Miami and continued to develop eating disorders. Feeling pressure from her agent, who instructed her on what to eat and when to eat, she spiraled into a life of grueling exercise, diet pills, and anorexia. Her seemingly amazing life of modeling, partying and traveling was slowly killing her.

It was a near-fatal car accident in Jamaica when she got a wake-up call that this type of lifestyle was not worth living. Later, she also had been told by doctors if she continued with her habits and addictions, she wouldn’t survive.

Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah had officially hit rock bottom. Lying in bed, Sarah reflected on her life and knew she had to leave her modeling career to face her demons. She knew that she had come into the world with a purpose and needed to find a life of meaning. With an uncertain future looming, Sarah chose to make a change.

We become so comfortable with the pain that anything outside of the pain feels terrifying to us. -Sarah Anne Stewart

Because Sarah was raised with an understanding of holistic health, she decided to go to school for nutrition and become a certified holistic coach. However, the more she studied nutrition, the worse her anxiety became. She realized nutritional information alone couldn’t save her from her anxiety. Her subconscious patterning needed to be reprogrammed.

Meditation came to her rescue. Her meditation teacher, Chandresh told Sarah, “You must unlearn all the ways you were taught to suffer.” This was when she realized that instead of suppressing her insecurities and apprehensions, she needed to deal with them consciously.

Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah believes that although we may not have control over our thoughts, emotions, and feelings, we do have control over our actions- and it is possible to break from the prison of suffering. Today she is teaching self-love, self-care, and confidence to help women know their worth and build healthy relationships with themselves and their bodies.

Sarah’s story tells us that time is the best healer. The perfect time presents the perfect opportunity and the perfect situation. All that one needs is to remain patient and wait for that right moment to arrive.

Sarah is now on a mission to help people end their battle with dieting, silence body shaming, and release food anxiety so that they might enjoy lifelong mind-body health.

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