Meet Savi Sharma – The Record-Breaking Girl.

Meet Savi Sharma – The Record-Breaking Girl.

Savi Sharma is an ordinary girl who was born in a State known as “Haryana” in India. Soon she became extraordinary with her book “Everyone has a story” and everyone was grooving their head who is this girl who has taken Indian bookstore by storm. Success is woven into the fabrics of Savi’s life.

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Savi Sharma completed her schooling from Vanita Vishram High School in Surat. She had a keen interest in writing right from her school days. Savi used to write speeches essays and other things during her school days. When she was in 3rd standard she wrote her first poetry. And it was for the first time that Savi has to perform live on stage. After her performance everyone clapped, the teacher of that class told Savi that she writes brilliantly. These words Savi locked in her heart and decided that she will go to writing field. But who knows this little girl from Surat will shake Indian Bookstore one day.

After completing her schooling she took admission in “Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s University ” to complete her graduation. She started pursuing CA study from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). She was having little interest in CA but still, writing was flowing in her veins.

Savi started writing her first novel that was “Silent Love” during the first year of her college. She was waiting for her result and she was nervous. At that particular time, Savi was reading novels and while reading novels she really thought that she can write even a book too. She started writing a book and it took 4 years to complete that novel “Silent Love” as she was doing graduation, CA and internship. But once novel was completed she was not satisfied with that. It was a simple college love story but Savi wanted to write something more beautiful and meaningful. So she decided not to publish that.

So Savi made a mind to write an another novel that was “Everyone Has A Story”. It took many sleepless nights and Savi has to work 24*7 in completing this novel. Before writing this novel she has to read so many novels’ and she has to go out and observe people too in a process to make her novel more than perfect. Once the novel was done she was pretty sure about her story as it was directly from her heart and it will touch reader’s heart too. She decided to self-publish her novel so she contacted printers and Amazon. Savi made a Seller central account on amazon and she self-published her “Everyone has a story” on the Amazon. In 1 month, she was able to sell 5k copies on Amazon. Her novel was number 1 in Indian writing and Romance category on Amazon.

After seeing the success of her novel traditional publishers like Penguin and Westland contacted her to republish her novel. She opted Westland and her “Everyone has a story” novel was republished. After her book was republished it was like a dynamite that exploded in Indian Bookstore. She was able to sell 100,000 copies in 1 month making her India’s fastest selling debut author.

Forget Ferry time it is Savi time.

1k books were sold in one day and 41 books per hour. Now that is astonishing facts for a debut author, like her. Savi is of magnanimous nature every year during Christmas time, she is denoting blankets to the needy people.

In becoming the best-selling author in India she also had many struggles. She has given her final exam but Savi decided to left CA studies and when she told this thing to her parent’s. They were reluctant at the start as every parent’s do. But Savi had made a mind, she is leaving CA as she wanted to give 100% in writing. Her parents told Savi to complete her CA studies first and then write a book. Her parents didn’t force her but they were not happy as “Writing can be a hobby but not a profession” and you can’t earn by writing. Savi has shown us if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything that you want in this life.

I asked Savi, “Describe her journey in one word from CA studies to the best-selling author in India” she replied “Beautiful” with a big smile on her face.

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