If the first date has passed well, you will be even more nervous before the second date.

He thinks: “She’s beautiful/too hot/too popular to be bothered with someone like me, especially after I spilled the soup on my shirt.”

She thinks, “He’s too handsome/smart/popular to invite me again, especially because I was chattering like a magpie.”

If you know that you will go out again, you will both spend the next day analyzing each word and movement to make sure that the other one enjoyed as much as you.


Who should call first?

Second Date Ideas

At the end of the first date, someone (most often a man) says: “I’ll call you”. If that’s the case, wait a few days to see if he will call you. If you only exchanged phone numbers, but it remains unclear who will call first and if he called for the first date, it is quite acceptable for you to invite him for another date (assuming that everything went well).



What to wear, where to go?

Pressure regarding the choice of dressing and meeting place is a bit weaker for the second date. Many couples still opt for dinner or drink, but mostly in a more relaxed place than for the first time.

Don’t surprise if you both act like shy schoolboys/girls when you see each other again. Probably you will not be able to feel the same degree of closeness as when you split up for the first time. Wait for an hour or two to pass – if you thought the first date was filled with expectations, the second is even worse. After all, you are both here again, which means that you acknowledge that you like each other and that you want more!

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What to expect?

Second Date Ideas

The second date, if you still have some interest, mostly turns into a marathon type conversation “let’s stay awake all night and tell each other what we didn’t say to anyone”.

You leave each other (unwillingly) and although you have slept only for half an hour, tomorrow morning at work you flicker like you are in the seventh heaven. It will be so or the second date would be a complete failure. Those courageous will try to go out to the third date to make sure it’s not just about different biorhythms or the “Moon in Scorpio,” as the astrologers would say. The reasonable ones would give up if the third meeting is equally bad.

In short: don’t panic at the second date if your tongue ties. Don’t reveal all your secrets, no matter how much you are tempted. Remember that the second date is a “great infatuation”: whatever he/she says is a compliment and not gospel.



Common mistakes on the second date

Her mistakes:

  1. The assumption that you are a couple.

Don’t tell him, “My parents will surely like you,” or “What are your plans for the summer? “ It is acceptable to suggest a third date, but nothing more than that.

  1. Planning the next three dates.

In the women world organization is the most important, so they think that there is nothing wrong with doing it. They want to know when they will see each other again in order to plan their week. But, he interprets it as if she is too impatient.

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His mistakes:

  1. Pulling-back because it is ashamed of great closeness to the end of the first date.

She will take this as a sign that he is not interested and will also move ten steps backward. And that will not lead anywhere.

  1. Premature and exaggerated relaxation.

You know that she likes you because otherwise, you would not go on another date. But don’t relax too much with some inappropriate jokes because she can get away from you.


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