Everyone’s heart has been broken once; everyone has been betrayed at some point in their lives and has lost hope and faith in love… perhaps, more than once. Have these things done that you renounce love? Did you tell to your head and your heart that you simply forget the idea of falling in love again? It is natural. However, this doesn’t change the course of love when it comes to you a second time.

You will have doubts about whether to trust in love again or not. Logic and reason will not help you. You may still blame love because everything went wrong the first time. But don’t blame love, because love it isn’t what “broke you.” It was the person who didn’t know how to love you and who broke you. However, there is always a positive side, whether you like it or not. And this one tells you that, maybe, the second time, Cupid has thrown the right arrow and love will not be as bad as the first time.

These are some reasons why your second love is better than the first because it is the true one.


Second love gives you hope

Reasons Your Second Love Is Your Real First Love

It shows you the light after you were in the dark for so long. Even if you feel that hope is toxic, the second love will teach you that you can have another chance. It will show you that you deserve the best and not everything is lost. The second love will be the hope that guides you.



You feel stronger after a bad relationship

Anything that you face with force leaves a great impact on your soul. The second love is real because it teaches you to trust in love once again, thanks to its brilliant qualities. It teaches you that you are capable of loving again, more strongly this time. Second love is there to pick up the pieces that your first love left you.

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It makes you believe that everything happens for some reason and somehow must be good for you

Reasons Your Second Love Is Your Real First Love

After you face the worst in your first love, you are blessed with the second, which is better. After you have broken your heart, you realize that it was good somehow, because the second time, the person you love, will make you feel better than you felt the first time. It will make you see the importance of letting you flow.



It is braver than your first love

Falling in love for the second time means you’re brave enough to forgive. To make risk getting hurt again because it’s worth it. It is brave because after all your mistakes made with the first love, you are braver the second time and you know how to face what similar problems.

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The second love makes more sense

Reasons Your Second Love Is Your Real First Love

This love is not based on unfounded things like fantasies of childhood, blind love, or lust… many of the things you experienced in your first love. The second love is real because it is not blind, reckless or toxic and it’s not based on mere expectations and obsession. This is because it comes after you have learned to listen to your instincts and to make mature decisions, not only because you are alone.



It teaches you what does it means to be someone’s first choice

Nobody likes being someone’s second choice, someone they decide to return to when they realize they’ve lost you. If this is how your first love treated you, you know that your second love will be real when it doesn’t treat you as a second option but as the first. It will make you feel loved, no matter what happens.

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You feel like at home

Reasons Your Second Love Is Your Real First Love

It will make you feel safe, in a place where you can always return. It will be your refuge in the storm, the storms of life with whom you meet every day. Your first love will leave you alone, defeated, but then your second love appears which makes you feel comfortable in your skin. It is the moment when you realize that this love is real.



It is different

You will know that your second love is real because it is different. It makes you experience new things, things you never thought you would be able to feel again. It will end your emptiness and your sadness, and you will feel different, especially because no one else has made you feel that way before.

This is how you will know it is real. It’s not like anything you’ve experienced before; it’s like walking in the dark and seeing the light suddenly.

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