We live in a world that follows the path which is being followed by their colleagues. We label that person as a “God-gifted” or an “idiot” if someone chooses their own path.

Go down once no one will pick you and if you rise high everyone will fly high to cut your wings. This is the sad reality of today’s world. I guess this world is full of idiots & they will try everything so that you can’t grow. But there are few good people in this world too like you.

Who doesn’t get jealous seeing their friends succeeding, who don’t lie to their parent’s, who don’t judge anyone by clothes, who don’t judge anyone by faces, who lives in contentment & who believe that there is still some goodness left in this world?

In today’s world, you need to be different from the ordinary person I firmly believe these hacks will help you.


Stop Worrying

Hacks That Will Separate You From The Crowd

We worry about our future whether it will be great or not. We waste our present precious time by worrying about our future. How good is to think that you still have good days upon you.

Don’t worry everything is going to be great in the end if it’s not great then it’s not the end. 90% of the things you worry about don’t actually happen. Stay positive life is meant to enjoy not to worry about.


Stop Seeing Worst Case Scenario In Every Situation

I’m sure there are few peoples in your life also who always see worst case scenario in every situation. No matter how good you are, they will remind you again & again you can’t achieve your dream.

Take a hypothetical situation if you are going for an interview there is one-half in you that keeps reminding you that you will not get this job and you are thinking about all the worst case scenario that can happen with you during the interview & you ain’t qualified for this. But there is another half of you that is telling you, that you will get this job and if you ain’t get it then life has something better for you & I’m qualified for this job.

Now you decide which half of yourself you will choose? Choose wisely.

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Keeping calm & holding on

Hacks That Will Separate You From The Crowd

If you had a bad day in your office than there are a cornucopia of chances that you will scream at your wife for no reason but just to let go of the frustration that you had in the office. Later to regret at the end. If we learn to keep calm in every situation no matter how hard it is & how frustrating it is then we can achieve even our impossible dream also.

This life is a journey & it will not give you the things that you wish for but it will give you the things that you deserve. So hold on if you feel like letting go.

There is always a rainbow after a hurricane.


Stop Judging

We judge people without even knowing them.

Look at the dress that she is wearing, look at his hairstyle & look at his long beard these are common phrase people use to judge people.

Funny thing is that people judge someone without even knowing their whole history.

The next time if any thought of judging someone in your mind strikes always remember that “Everyone around you is fighting a battle that you will never know”.

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Cutting off people

Hacks That Will Separate You From The Crowd

Cut off people that don’t respect you, value you & most importantly who doesn’t love you. We waste most of our life in chasing people and making people happy and what we get in the end is their ignorance.

If your purpose is to please others and look good in their eyes, then you are bound to be disappointed because your happiness is in their hands, not yours. – Najwa Zebian

Bottomline – Quit chasing people who ever has the purpose in your life will stay and other will left now quit fingering out the reason why you can’t have certain people in your life.


Speak Less, Do more

Don’t be a dog who only barks and doesn’t do anything. Make less announcement and do more hard work. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Be different from this world. You are awesome. Yes, you.

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