14 Short Poems By Najwa Zebian That Will Light Up Your Life Again.

14 Short Poems By Najwa Zebian That Will Light Up Your Life Again.

Najwa Zebian is a Lebanese Canadian educator based in London, Ontario. Her passion for creative expression was evident from a young age as she delved into Arabic poetry and novels. She is famous for her book “Mind Platter.”  I have read so many books I love them all, but I really like this one “Mind Platter.” The words used in this book are pure gold.

This book has changed my life; I’m a better person now. Sometimes I think her quotes and short stories act as an imaginary hand. Sometimes it will wake you from an illusion you are/ used to be living in, while at other times it will be a source of strength that lifts you up, and make you feel that everything will be just fine, or even gives you the power to accept that sometimes everything will not be fine and that you have to cope with that.

She has changed my view on certain things, and I’m really grateful to her. So, here we go with some of the best short stories and poems by Najwa Zebian that will surely motivate you as much as it motivated me.


14 Short Stories By Najwa Zebian That Will Lit Up Your Life Again:


#1 Najwa Zebian on One-sided Love.



#2 Maintaining the distance



#3 Being Kind is Being Brave.



#4 You are the best in the world.



#5 Dealing with a bad relationship.



#6 The sweetness of a real love.



#7 Thoughts on being alone.



8# Seeing love through the eyes of the lover.


#9 People will always blame you.



10# Your scars are your medals.



11# Failure is never fatal.



12# Letting go of the past. Clinging to it makes you suffer.



13# True love never imprisons you.



14# Pain is good, it is what makes us stronger.



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