15 Amazing Short Stories From The Silent Talks

15 Amazing Short Stories From The Silent Talks

The Silent Talks is an Instagram page which was founded by Gaurav Shapariya in January 2016 as a personal handle to showcase his writings and story telling. With passing time people joined in and now it is one of the biggest community driven and curated platform for varied stories. Till now more than 550+ writers have curated stories from pan India and across the world. Now, this community is growing and right now they have nearly 80k followers on Instagram. They not only post short stories but they post some breath-taking poems also. I have just seen one of the photos of this page in August and instantly became a fan of this page.

Their short stories not only deal with love but with life-related things and also stories with some breath-taking mystery and climax. This is what I love most about this page. One day, I still remember when I was upset one of the short stories of this page helped me a lot to handle this situation. Every story from this page has a deep meaning.


15 Amazing Short Stories From Silent Talks

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