Do you know that feeling when you meet someone and everything falls into place?

You feel comfortable knowing that person is around. You can confide in them about anything. And, you know you’re meant to be together forever?

If you’re lucky enough to find someone that answers yes to everything above, then you’re probably reading this article because you know you want to marry them! 

Marriage is a beautiful part of life, and it deserves a special celebration to make sure the proposal is perfect. Everything from where you ask the big question, to what venue, and what you’re going to wear…

It can all seem a bit daunting to try and plan everything. Well, don’t worry that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this blog post! 

Let’s start with the planning…


Checklist For Pre-Proposal Planning

Every great event requires careful consideration in the planning process. So, an engagement is no different, right? 

First, you want to make sure you have the ring. Depending on your partner, you want to make sure to get something that suits their style and personality. 

Here some examples of wedding rings: 

  • Solitaire
  • Halo
  • Channel Set
  • Baguette

All of these rings use diamonds. But, if you want something a bit more eccentric you can always go for a gemstone, or crystal ring. 


After you’ve picked the perfect ring, then you need to plan what you’re going to wear! 

It’s important to treat the occasion like an event, or party you’re attending. It sets the right tone for the evening/ afternoon, and it makes your part feel even more special that you’ve dressed up for the proposal.

It doesn’t matter what you wear, just pick something special.

Once you’ve picked that dazzling outfit, you can move onto what you’re going to say

It’s scary thinking of asking someone to marry you, even if you know they’ll say yes. Either way, it’s vital to rehearse what you’re going to say. 

If you’re a bit anxious or shy, then it’s best to write it down on a piece of paper and practice saying it in the mirror. 

You can do this before work, or quickly after having a shower in the evening.


Prepare Everyone Else For The Proposal

Even though the proposal is between you and your partner, we all have that friend or family member that just can’t keep a secret…

So, before you propose, tell everyone around you to keep it a secret. It’s ok to share the news with loved ones, but have them promise not to spill the beans before you pop the question! 

You might also want to plan for a photographer to take candid photos of the two of you while you’re proposing.


It’s best to plan a date, time, and exact location with the photographer in advance and tell them to be discreet about taking the photographs! 

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Pick The Right Venue!

The venue is another very important part of the proposal. You have to pick somewhere that embodies everything you want the proposal to be! 

For example, a picnic under the moonlight, or a candlelit dinner at a romantic restaurant. Whatever the venue, it needs to be right for YOU!

It’s also good to plan where you’ll keep the ring. Maybe in the wine glass? Under the napkin? Or, the old-fashioned way. You can put the ring in your pocket and get down on one knee when the time comes…

Now, we’re going to talk about the main event of this blog post. The magic time to propose: before or after dinner? 

It’s a real dilemma. 

But, it’s best to propose BEFORE dinner. That way you can celebrate with a delicious meal, and enjoy a beautiful night together. 


Plus, your nerves might not be able to wait all evening!


Enjoy The Moment And Have A Lovely Celebration

Once you’ve asked the question, take a minute to savour the moment and enjoy the beginning of your new adventure as a couple. 

It’s a wonderful time in your life to get engaged and to plan for a future with your loved one. 

Although the planning stages are important, the main thing is celebrating together.

So, when you’re thinking of what to say, where to go, and what to do, just remember that all that really matters is that your partner says YES! 


After the proposal, you might want to make a scrapbook of the day with photos, souvenirs, and little memories from the event.

You can even ask the photographer to take some photos for family and friends, so you can send them with the wedding invitation! 

Here are some ideas for wedding invitations: 

  • Minimalist look 
  • Flowers 
  • Lace 
  • Acrylic
  • Vintage 
  • Pop up 

It all depends on your taste. But, creating a beautiful invite is just as important as choosing the right time to propose!

We hope this has helped you with planning your proposal. Just in case you want to have a checklist of all the things, we’ll leave one at the bottom of this page…

  1. Pick wedding ring
  2. Choose outfit
  3. Prepare speech
  4. Warn family and friends not to tell your partner!
  5. Find dream location
  6. Propose before dinner
  7. Make memories

You can save this on your phone, or laptop so you won’t forget anything! 

Have a lovely celebration and a happy engagement!