Ever thought that your partner is cheating on you?, And you wanted to have a polygraph on hand or maybe even thought of hiring a private detective to follow him? Well, maybe it is not necessary to reach those extremes only if you learn to recognize certain signs that can quickly apparent a liar.

Unfaithfulness is something that, unfortunately, only a few couples escape. Every day, hundreds of people suffer from this problem that inevitably ends their relationship. It is often possible to know beforehand what are the attitudes that reveal a cheating man.

signs he is cheating

#1  He wants to know your schedule

It is very likely that an unfaithful man is particularly interested in the time schedules by which you’re away from home. If you ask why the answer is quite simple since he only searches for the time when you are not at home to bring his lover there.


#2 He pays more attention to his appearance

An unfaithful man cares much his figure to please the woman with whom he cheats on you. You will see him looking to lose weight and perform intense exercises in the gym to achieve a more toned body.


#3 He behaves strangely at home

is he cheating on meIf you notice that your partner runs when the phone rings and does not let you deal with it, bathes more than usual cares more about his appearance and even increases the amount of perfume that he uses every day, it is a clear sign that he may be cheating.

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#4 Increases sexual activity

In a case of infidelity, believe it or not, your partner may start an increasing of sexual activity and even do things that have never before had occurred and that he probably learned from the other woman. Also, he wants to show you anything new that can do regardless of whether you agree or not.


#5  He works longer

signs your boyfriend is cheatingIt is likely that one of the signs of infidelity most notable is that your guy stays longer in his work and make excuses such as he had to stay to finish a task or a meeting that lasted, things that you know internally that are not certain.


#6  Unforeseen expenditure

If the summary of credit card come much bulkier than at other times or gasoline expenses, have increased significantly without him going on a trip, my friend, he might be cheating you. Open your eyes and pay attention to these details.

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#7  He changed his passwords everywhere

signs your guy is cheatingAnother thing you should consider is changing passwords. If you want to login to his email and you cannot because he changed the password or you want to use his computer, and you do not have access, squeeze the brake pedal and stop to think for a moment why and soon you will find the answer.


#8  He begins to deliver too much information

A liar believes he must support his deception with many arguments, which usually gives a lot of data to convince both his partner and himself in the story that he is telling. The problem is that too much information it is sinking into a deeper and deeper hole, and it all ends in a weightless history and full of inconsistencies.


#9  Begins with tics

The fear of being discovered makes him nervous, so it seeks to liberate their energy by taking and moving any object that has in front of him on his clothes or body. For example, he can start repeatedly touching his nose, ears or hair.

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#10 He changes his attitude

is your guy cheating on you Lately, if you notice that your partner is annoyed with everything and do not want to solve the problems may be he no longer has an interest in the relationship or that his attention is with someone else. He may look for the way out of the relationship or the passing comparing you with the other. Otherwise, the ‘abuse’ of affection and gifts may indicate guilt.

If your partner meets some or all of these points, be sure that he is unfaithful. What do you think? Have you suffered a cheat ever? Tell us how you realized.

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