When you think about love, it’s what you want it to be, in every manner or form, language, vocabulary, and sentiment, love is conveyed in various ways. Love is often when someone means so much that words don’t even begin to describe what you’re feeling. It’s pretty straightforward to say that someone is in love with you, but we might not believe that at first because of how we confuse things, and previous encounters, and overthinking.

The words “I love you” are an understatement and widely used to convey that he likes you, but how do you truly know if he loves you? 

Here are 15 clues you need to know if he’s really into you!


1. He enjoys teasing you.

Signs he loves you

We all know that teasing someone is common and a lot of people are doing this especially to each other’s groups but to poke you daily is different. Teasing is the common form of flirting and eventually they’ll come up with some kind of inside jokes that only the two of you can understand which makes it more special. Who doesn’t want a playful and fun relationship? 


2. He pays attention to you.

Now, this might sound a little cliché, but this is the real deal! Most people can recall some common facts about you, so if they even remember the tiniest details about you, there’s a better risk that they’re going to trip over you. If you guys are together in a group and his attention is all drawn towards you, that’s already a sign! Who would waste his time over someone that’s not important, right? 


3. He opens up to you.

Letting someone in your life is a different decision. It takes determination, confidence, and bravery, particularly if you’ve had a bad traumatizing past. If he opens up to you, be attentive! Listen to him. If he shares something humiliating, or something serious, then he’s very in love with you. The fact that he let his guard down and showed you his vulnerable side shows that he feels you’re someone he can count on.


4. The way he looks at you.

If your guy is in love, he’s going to look at you with a desire that speaks volumes of his real feelings. What you have to do is look to see it. You’ll also see that he’s going to have a hard time not looking at you as if he can’t get enough of you. That’s the way it’s about the guys and their emotions. When your partner looks closely and confidently into your eyes, he speaks a lot about their intention. “Deep eye contact, or holding your eyes for at least four seconds, can signify feelings of affection.”


5. He gives you access to their future.

When you’re talking to him and, if he’s talking about upcoming plans and planning to book dates and activities that are going on in the future, then this is an indication that he’s excited about being in the long term. He’s imagining himself to be with you in those circumstances. If he begins to include you in his daily activities and his proposed future, it’s a strong indication that he’s seriously in love with you.


6. The way he protects you.

Protection from someone who truly cares about you feels way different. It’s when he’s first going to care about what you might feel and worry about your emotions, too. He’s going to avoid a fight, but he’s not afraid to engage if it means defending you. Aside from protecting you from harm and other elements, he will protect your heart as well. He’s willing to commit, end game. 


7. He becomes more open-minded. 

He’s becoming more open-minded about the things you like. Whether it means going to the K-pop Concert you’ve been dying to attend to or trying out your hobbies so he can keep up with what you’re doing. If he’s in love with you, he’s more than willing to step out of his comfort zone and make memorable moments with you! Even though he’s not a big fan of the things you do, keeping in touch and trying out the things you do is already a clear sign.


8. He’s more comfortable around you.

Signs he loves you

If he feels at ease and is goofing around you, then he might be comfortable with you already. Usually, in the first phase of dating, a guy can be overly gentle or he’s not on his usual self but if he’s already himself, then that’s a plus point! It just means that when you are in love, dating stops and it feels more like home. 


9. He shows you genuine respect.

Respect in a relationship is a top tier! If he’s showing you high regard and values you more than what you think of yourself, girl, he loves you! Put another way, he doesn’t talk trash about her. He doesn’t swear, say dirty jokes, or use dirty language around her. He never texts her with mean or biting comments, even if anyone does, he’s there to protect her. Respect also means that it’s only you who he’s entertaining. No other girls aside from you. 


10. He makes you his priority.

If a guy makes time for you and sets aside what he’s doing if you suddenly asked for a favor or help, then you might consider the high risk of him falling over you! Also, if you got a new haircut and he notices it without you actually telling him, then you’re one of his priorities. Making time for someone actually shows that you care and that you are paying attention. 


11. He supports your dreams. 

We all have dreams, and apart from you doing everything in your power to make sure that they come true, you will need the support of those you love. Frequently we just need someone to be a soundboard with our dreams, to listen to us when we talk about what we want to do with our lives. A man who clearly listens to you is a feature that cannot be taken for granted. If he listens and supports you on your plans, consider him falling in love with you! 


12. He helps you out. 

Normally, your buddies will help you out regularly, but if a man truly loves you he will keep on helping you and actually does make an attempt to reduce your stress and issues. If he’s taking care of you, there’s a great chance that he’s in love with you. He’s helping you better than a friend would have. He’s happy to do the job, even though it’s dull and boring. If he does, he loves you more than a friend. After all, who’s going to waste so much time with you if he doesn’t like you? Can anyone do that? Of course, no, no!


13. He compliments you. 

We just deserve to be complimented as girls, right? If the man you refer to keeps giving you attention and showing you appreciation, there’s a strong chance that he likes you. A loving partner is not going to make us feel bad for ourselves. He’s not going to make us feel disrespected or unimportant. Who’s going to complement those girls like that? No man, absolutely!  It doesn’t matter what he compliments about, but if he does, he’s into you. Period.


14. He’s not using his phone when you’re around.

Quality time off the screen is the best bond you can ask for. If the man holds his phone out of his vision and just insists on talking to you, girl, he loves you! Who would resist looking and browsing on his phone while there’s a lot of time? This is already an asset, as he needs to get to know more about you by interacting and spending some time talking face to face.


15. He accepts you for who you are. 

This is the main goal! This sign is absolutely superior! If a man finds you beautiful despite your insecurities and self-doubts, he is madly in love with you. Accepting your flaws is a foremost level of love. If he treats you as an actual human being and loves your imperfections while embracing them, you’re with the right person. Love can be platonic or romantic, but it means understanding who that person is and cherishing them for it.

This is not intended to be an illustrative example. Love is complex, and they all express love in various ways. But one thing is for sure: if your significant other is attempting, that’s a positive indication. Efforts are needed to offer love, to become a better person, and to have a happy relationship.

Hope you got the response on how to say whether a guy likes you.