How can you see if the one you are interested in is attracted to you? Or maybe you are trying to understand your own feelings for someone? Luckily for you, there are ways to find out if two people are into each other. Here are 20 signs of attraction based on non-verbal cues, behaviors, and types of flirting.


10 Non-Verbal Signs

Communication is not about the words you say. It is actually 93% non-verbal. This is why it is so important to pay attention to body language. Some signs of attraction also come from the chemicals of love associated with lust, attraction, and attachment. Here is what you should look for:

Turning Red

Blood floods to your face when you are attracted to someone or have an orgasm. This is why women wear blush to mimic this and appear more attractive. Blushing is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it is actually a positive sign of interest.


Heart Racing

Your heart rate will increase when you are close to an attractive person, and theirs will do this too if they are also into you. This can also be noticed by seeing their breath rate increase or feeling their palm getting warmer and sweatier. That’s why people used to think love came from the heart!


Pupils Dilating

Your eyes will not actually turn pink from the rose-coloured glasses, but your pupils will get bigger when you see someone you are attracted to. This is because your brain reacts to hormones as if you were taking drugs – the drug of love. So why not get closer to take a look at theirs?


Locking Eyes

Feelings of love and affection also get stronger when people look at each other in the eyes for a long time. Two people madly in love tend to make more eye contact than those who aren’t. And if they sometimes look down at your body, it is also a sign that they see you as more than a friend.


Pointing Towards Them

The answer you are looking for might be right under your nose. When you are attracted to someone, your feet tend to point towards them, even if you are not completely facing them. This is an easy thing to notice about them, too. Your whole body facing and leaning towards them is also a great sign of attraction.


Touching Yourself and Your Crush

If you are interested in someone, you will probably touch some parts of your own body like your lips or chest to bring attention to them or calm yourself. Finding any occasion to touch them is also a great sign of interest. If they let you do it, they probably love it as much as you do. Start with something subtle and go further if you see that they feel comfortable.



Just like a mirror, you will mimic what the person in front of you is doing when you are interested in them. For example, you will cross your legs or touch your hair when they do. This is a way to create a bond with them and encourage closeness unconsciously. You probably do it without even noticing, but you can also do it consciously to attract them.


Showing Interest

Instead of looking for what your partner says, pay attention to how they listen to you. If they lean in, tilt their head, smile at you, nod in agreement, make eye contact, and reach out to touch you more than a friend would, it is a sign that they are interested in you.


Most common signs from women

Women who are attracted to you tend to expose their neck, tilt their chin down and look up, touch their hair, and touch their lips. Try to notice if you are doing these things, too!


Most common signs from men

Men who are attracted to you tend to claim your space by putting an arm around you, take the opportunity to touch you, rub their chin or the back of their neck, and lean in towards you.


5 Behavioral Signs of Affection

Signs of Attraction

Behavior is something that people have more control over and tend to do a bit more consciously. It is often more noticeable than non-verbal cues. Here are things to pay attention to:


Putting Your Purse on the Floor

The way a woman holds her purse says a lot about her. If you place it in front of you or clutch it, you probably don’t feel comfortable with your date – or maybe feel unsafe at the place where the date takes place. If you are interested in someone, you will probably make sure that nothing stands between you too, including your purse, that you will probably put on the floor or somewhere next to you.


Taking Care of Your Appearance

If you start putting makeup up, styling your hair, and wearing your best outfit whenever you have the chance to see them, that’s a sign you are there to impress. Trying to fix your look to appear better when you meet them randomly is also a good thing. Make sure you pay attention to how they changed their look since you met them.


Entering Your Personal Space

When you are interested in someone, you want to be as close to them as possible, even in group settings. This is why you will tend to lean towards them or sit next to them. Friends tend to be two to ten feet away from you, while lovers will be much closer.


Having a Weird Conversation

Talking to someone you are interested in might feel a bit awkward because you care even more about saying the right thing and always feel like there is something left unsaid. If both of you find any excuses to communicate all the time and have long conversations, it’s a match.


Thinking About Them All the Time

If you notice that you keep talking about them, daydream about them, adjust your plans to have more chances to meet them, or make sure your friends meet them, you know you are interested in someone. Love is a drug, and you’d do anything to get some. Have their friends heard about you too?


5 Types of Flirting

No matter what, everyone is different, and you won’t always find all of these signs in the person you are looking for. This is why it is important to understand how someone might be trying to seduce you. Researchers have found five different types of flirting. Here is what they came up with:


The Traditional Flirts

If you are a traditional flirt, you believe that men should make the first move and women should be more passive. Signs of attraction in men include leaning into the interaction, crossing their legs, and having a higher speech. If you are a woman, you are more likely to act modestly, show your wrists and hands, and gently tease your partner. Both men and women are also more likely to nod and say yes.


The Sincere Flirts

If you are a sincere flirt, you will probably pay more attention to your partner and be less likely to fidget or self-touch. Women will laugh and smile more, show their hands and wrists, and show flirtatious gazes. Men will tend to have a higher pitch voice, cross their arms and legs, and lean towards their partner.


The Polite Flirts

If you are a polite flirt, there is a risk your date won’t understand that you are flirting with them because you will be more discreet. You will probably be less likely to engage in self-touch, have a lower-pitch voice, and ask fewer questions. Men also tend to nod or say yes more often but are less likely to move closer or tease their partner.


The Playful Flirts

If you are a playful flirt, you will probably compliment your partner more and tend to extend or protrude your chest but self-touch less often. Playful women ask fewer questions, have more flirtatious gazes, and shrug more often.  Men, on the other end, also tend to cross their legs less.


The Physical Flirts

If you are a physical flirt, you will most likely rely on non-verbal signs of flirting. For women, that includes asking fewer questions and engaging in less self-touch, but showing their hands and wrists more and nodding yes more often. Men are more physical flirts but compliment their partner and glance flirtatiously less often. Both men and women also feel more self-assured in crowded places like cafés or parties. 

One good thing about all of this is that signs of attraction also make you look more attractive because they show availability, interest, openness, and fertility, which are things people unconsciously look for in a partner. 

And if you are still wondering if you are falling in love, there is also a number one sign that you are attracted to them: you have been thinking about them the whole time you were reading this article. But no matter what, the best way to know about their feelings is pretty simple: just ask!