In a world which is quite cruel and humanity seems to be diminishing, it’s the nice people we need to be more aware of. Sometimes, people can come on to you being all sweet, but it’s only because they have ulterior motives. There is no other reason why innocent women or girls end up trusting some men and end up in a grave tragedy. We teach kids, not to talk to strangers, especially those who offer you sweets and the reason is that those nice people mean to harm them. But then, how to differentiate between the ones who are genuinely nice and the ones who are fake? Here are some signs to catch on:


Figure out if they respect only those people with power.

Signs of Fake Nice People You Should be Aware of

If the person you are with treats every ice-cream vendor, taxi driver and all those people who are not at such powerful positions with respect, the person is genuine. They like to be warm to everyone around them disregard what kind of position they have in the society. Whereas the fake people will be highly polite to those in power so that they could take their help when they ask for it or to get a task done which isn’t possible with their own hands.


Are they in the habit of trying too hard to make people like them?

Genuine people do not care about who like them or who does not. They are comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel they need to change for someone else (maybe not if it’s for a girl they love, right?). But fake people will put in their best efforts to make the people around them like them a lot. They would be extra nice, making them laugh and doing things according to them. If those people still don’t give them the attention they want, they might feel uncomfortable.

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They are desperate for attention.

Signs of Fake Nice People You Should be Aware of

Now, it’s a trait in many, but the nice ones always want people to talk about them or about the issues they bring up. They never want to go unnoticed which is why they might try to be extra nice or humorous. Genuine people are fine in the corner of the room, listening and noticing what is happening inside the room, without uttering a word.


Fake people usually brag and gossip.

These people tend to brag all the time about their achievements, so they are able to stand out in the crowd. They will show off what they have and what they do to others in public, even when the topic isn’t about them. They will relate everything to themselves and even gossip about someone’s opinions to others. If you are not eager to please anyone, you tell them up front, but nice people will do it behind their back as they don’t want to be disliked.

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Genuine people will appreciate others.

Signs of Fake Nice People You Should be Aware of

They don’t shy away from admiring others and praising them whenever someone does great, but fake people will be envious, and because of it, they will find out flaws and criticize others. This is a key to show dominance over them and try to make the rest believe that they are better than them.


Fake people seldom keep their promises.

Genuine people would not always go around making promises that they can’t keep. In fact, they would live up to the few that they made. They live by their word and are reliable people, who would say no whenever they are aware that they wouldn’t be able to do what they are being asked. Whereas fake people would agree to almost everything but seldom mean it. They are not the ones who are good at commitments.

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