First, before you feel attacked with this post, think why it was written. Will I have a reason to attack or will I genuinely want to help the self-analysis for you to change?

Anyway, here goes:

Signs You Seriously Have an Attitude Problem

1) You are isolated from all the background you think that nobody understands you or that people judge wrong, and nobody is reliable. One of the phrases that you would like to say to itself is “better to be alone than in bad company.” So you avoid the groups, being among other people, make new friends or even sit next to other people.

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2) You misinterpret everything that others say or do; nothing goes unnoticed by you even if people do not want to say what they think. If the person strangely greeted you, you give her the label of a strange person. If the person went before you and looked at your collar, you already think that is envying. If the person looked, you judge that she is thinking badly of you. You believe what people talk is always related to you. Even, you must be thinking that I wrote this post thinking about you.


3) You are extremely radical; it is eight or eighty, totally unbalanced: that is why all leading to the latter.


4) At the bottom, you believe that you are better than other people: that is why he likes to show holiness, but surely never say that out loud because of his holiness is to show a certain “humility.”

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5) You are indecisive: in an hour you want one thing, in another, you want something else.


6) You do not leave that place, do not grow or advance: you stand in time, and only you do not see that.

7) You live in a dramatic movie where you are the victim; you are a loner, and you are proud of it as if loneliness gives you a little more reason to feel like a victim of everything and everyone.


8) You keep rancor: however, it disguises it well, and it is better not to touch on the matter. You do not get swallowed what they said or did to you and this day waiting for the “righteousness of God.”

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9) You have serious internal problems but prefers to pretend not to see them. You feel very envious of certain people. You are malicious and see all askance. You are proud and do not accept the help of anyone, but before all, grateful.


10) You are extremely lacking: and you need care all the time even virtually.

If you identify with any of the above items, then you have the following options:

– Hate me even more and leave an anonymous or with a fictitious name by placing the blame on my comment. The consequence of this is that nothing will change for you or me.

– Recognizing the problem and feel even worse about it.

– Or be indignant against that way of being and fight to change.


If you choose to be indignant, start your new life path apologizing to the people you’ve hurt so far. That will give you strength to do everything differently from now on. In all the techniques of “reprogramming” an important first step to becoming aware of our beliefs and behavior patterns that lead to unpleasant, painful and bad experiences. The winning formula for the realization of the wishes of the visualization, and then actions and achieve the goal, it’s a recipe for success.

Be sure to place the emphasis on your best qualities, strong sides, successful work. Because they are true, as well as our shortcomings. When we are aware of our virtues, it’s easier to catch in dealing with behavior that hampers us. Their transformation looks like a challenge through which we will be able to become happier and more satisfied, making it easier to face the fears, sadness, bitterness, anger, injuries that we carry inside.

The most important thing is, to be honest with ourselves, accept responsibility and admit how are things in our life and meaningful relationships with people. It is also important to be aware that it depends on us how we live, what we do and who we will be.