In the dating world, one tends to question a lot. “Where are we heading?” “Are we good for each other?” “Is he going to propose me soon?” “Does she love me the same way I do?” and so on. And it is even tougher to find out the answers because love is blind. We tend to sideline the significant things which give a red alarm that something is really wrong in the relationship. You never really know if the other person is serious about you or if you are just their fling. Not just relationships, even friendships need to be analyzed before people end up taking advantage of your innocence, alright? So here, read the signs and know if you are someone’s priority or just an option when no one else is there.


Do they appear when they need something?

Signs You're An Option, Not a Priority

They might contact you only when they require your help. It is the biggest sign that they only keep you around so that “someone” is and they don’t get stuck alone. Notice if they only text you like, “Hey, want to have dinner with me?” while they never really ask you how you have been but want to meet you because they can’t go out and eat alone or every else friend of theirs is a bit busy. Beware of these types as they won’t be there supporting you when you are in a crisis.


When they pretend, they called you for you.

They will call you up, asking how you are but then end up talking about them the whole time. It was something they did or something that happened to them which they want to share. They did not call you for asking about you but just to let you know how good or bad life they are having. All relationships are give and take and if they don’t give anything useful to you, there is no need to ride that road only one way. They call you only to grunt about their ex or to tell you in what an amazing way their boyfriend proposed to them.

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They bail on things which you asked them for.

Signs You're An Option, Not a Priority

Someone is a true friend if they are there for you while you are at your lowest or when you are moving, so you need a buddy to help you out with things. The fake friends would make up an excuse so that they don’t have to indulge in any daunting task, but hey, if you are throwing a party, they might be the first ones to arrive, but those who leave the last after helping you clean up your apartment, are the ones who are real.


You are never the first one to know.

It has happened to everyone, and it is disheartening. It might be by chance a few times that they did not tell you about something big, but you would generally be the last one (if not the first) to know what’s happening in their life. There breakups, dates, etc., it would be like you have to go and ask them about updates, and they are never there to tell all of it on their own.

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They don’t make room for you.

Signs You're An Option, Not a Priority

Well, they might be busy, but they will definitely spare out some regular time to come and talk to you or spend time with you and support you or comfort you. If they are not there, most of the time, it might be a slap in your face that they are not there for you and it is only you who thinks they are best of your friend or the best boyfriend. They are only making you cling to them so that they can reach you whenever they want.


Your intuition tells you.

Your gut is always right in recognizing if someone is taking advantage of you. If you feel someone doesn’t care enough, even if they say they do, it is a major sign that they actually don’t. Never believe in somebody else more than yourself and trust your instincts. They lie to you every now and then, and deception always rings bells in your mind, which you must hear. You are not someone who should be treated as an option when you can be someone else’s number one priority.

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