It is often quite difficult to differentiate an authentic bag from an imitation bag. They have the same shape, the same color, the same feel, the same stitching, the same measurements, have even bothered to tune with the label of the brand. But there are little details that betray them over time.

The imitation bag fades in an unusual way when it gets wet or is exposed to the sun, the interior departments to store your most intimate things are disheveled and causing you discomfort, and even the handle you use to hang it on your shoulder is no longer as comfortable as at the beginning.

And what are you going to do? You still carry it because you feel sorry for throwing it and it is still “awesome”, although you will never take it to an important event.

The same goes for false friendships. They seem perfect for you and your circumstances, but you do not know why strange reason over time they are causing you more discomfort and headaches than what is expected of someone with whom you should share interesting conversations. They seem to fade over time.

It begins to be rare not to argue for nonsense, and not to feel tension by certain reactions. It just happens to you and you thought about it a long time ago. Your behavior leaves you want, but you don’t want to open your eyes at all. Discarding friends for life is not to anyone’s liking.

Here, we are going to give you some guidelines on the false copies, in “best friend version” that may sound to you.

Watch out! They are very subtle and you may think that they are not so much, but take them into account before your feelings overflow completely. But there is no doubt. If your friend has these behaviors, put the bag in the store and his number to the list of “unwanted” contacts. Or format everything, if you stick to it.

Signs Your Best Friend Isn't Your Best Friend Anymore

Here we go:

Your friend seems delighted to talk to you, yes, but always bad about other people. He doesn’t leave puppets with head and instead of throwing clouds of cotton by the mouth, he throws poison, of the mortal. If this has become your most common topic of conversation and you don’t feel comfortable in those talks then this probably isn’t your friend anymore.


He doesn’t talk about ideas, he talks about people. Talk about what happens to him constantly. It is impossible to engage in a conversation that doesn’t lead to a detailed analysis of the lives of others compared to theirs.

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Your story is not so problematic. He says he understands you even though your problems are not that bad. You don’t want him to evaluate the importance of them. You just want to vent.


He makes comments out of tune “mine was better”, “I already did that “, “but I have also gone through that”, “is not so much …” His maturity level is 100 and yours is 0.  Says he wants to help you but does very little practical things for it.

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It tells you that you have many virtues when you are in a low moment, loves to be with you … but doesn’t dare to level up in any field. We will now move on to discouraging phrases, to “that always goes wrong” or “be realistic”. He is with you to the bad but doesn’t seem to enjoy when you are in the good ones.


He has no sense of humor, or at least yours. You love to laugh and if you say something funny will tell you “I cannot find grace”. You don’t know what to talk about anymore.


He asks you questions about other friends of yours and family, and it seems that with the intention also to judge them. You deny that, but he is insistent, he likes to know details that don’t concern him.


He is unpleasant, complaints, and is unloving. He has an enormous difficulty to tell you I love you or to give you a hug.


You’ve reached a point where you cannot do more, you tell him that the friendship needs to be improved. He is surprised but you stay with the idea of improvement purpose. You feel guilty for talking about these problems to someone close to you because you shouldn’t talk behind a friend’s back.

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You have arrived late. There are too many things that will not fit you… yarn strips and bam!

He has made broth with your friends and acquaintances with the lowest form. With the most surrealistic lies. And with the most hurtful taunts.

Although little hurt. You don’t feel sorry. Now this person will be afraid that others pull the thread and that you don’t speak. Don’t worry. In front of people like this, don’t waste more than a minute of your time. You have stayed in glory and he or she with his viperine tongue.

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