Your world breaks down when your relationship fails and you keep wondering what went wrong. While you are busy picking up the shattered pieces, a little bird tells you (or usually Facebook) that your ex is in a new relationship already. It is disappointing and heart wrenching and makes you feel like a loser, as if you didn’t matter to them even a little bit and they are already over you. It is tormenting as you feel that you are still in love with them. But hey, did you not know about rebound relationships? Your ex might be in one of them, if the signs suit.


How long have they been in this relationship?

Signs Your Ex is in a rebound relationship

The shorter the relationship, the more chances of it being a rebound! Have they both been together only a month? Then, you need not worry about the seriousness at all! But, if it has been a long time, you should forget about your chances of getting him back, because they both could be serious and committed. Let the past, stay in past.



How long he waited before starting the new relationship?

If he jumped within a week to be with this new person, it is quite obvious that it is a rebound. There are though some people who set a few people in their line before-hand, so they could be with them as soon as they break up. That is one of the reasons why the relationship fails and many a time, they have the vibe that the relationship is not going smooth and thus, start looking for options on the side. If it is not the case, and yet it was the first person who got along with them, it is a big chance that it is a rebound relationship. On the other hand, if they took a few months, saying three to four, it is a chance that the two are serious and it isn’t about you.

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Find out the rebound behavior.

Signs Your Ex is in a rebound relationship

When a person leaves from your life, they leave a hole in your heart which feels so real that you would try to fill it with just about anyone who comes along, until you realize that it isn’t possible. Rebound relationship is often an attempt to not feel the pain of a breakup and achieve the same level of intimacy with someone else. It gives a person hope that there can be many others who would love to be close to them but the minute they are alone, loneliness haunts them and they realize that they aren’t able to be at peace with themselves. This is because they are still not over their ex.
Now, it could be possible that your ex is in a relationship as they feel supported and it is a temporary solution for them until everything blows up.



Who they are in a relationship with?

If you knew your ex very well, you might be aware of their “type”. For example what kind of a person they usually go for. If they want to be with someone witty, but they are dating someone dumb, it is possible that it’s a rebound relationship as they try to get along anyone or maybe someone opposite to you. But this is not true with everyone undergoing a breakup. In some cases, it could be possible that it is someone who looks a lot like you just because they have the feeling that they would turn out to be like you.

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What is your ex’s behavior towards you?

Signs Your Ex is in a rebound relationship

You know your ex well and you might be aware what kind of person they are “normally”. They might not be so much into public display of affection but just to show off they would be indulging in it, so that you could notice them. This is their way to get you jealous because they still care how you feel towards them. They would do anything to make you feel guilty or make you feel hurt. This is same if they are suddenly too active on Facebook, posting too many pictures because they are well-aware that you would check their profile.

Well, in my suggestion, whatever be the case, you need to stop obsessing about it. Live your life as it is way too short. If you love them, let them go. If they come back, it’s all your choice!

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