One normal relationship with two people means they have to share everything. Interruption or any other earthly force cannot completely erase two people from their memories. Whether he agrees or not, he will leave behind memories of love and emotions.

Regardless of the physical distance, how much you pretend to hate each other, emotions are not so easy to just turn off overnight. You may have blocked each other on social media, stopped going through places you visited, deleted shared photos, and tried your best to get the other person out of your head completely.

You may be wondering, is it even possible to move on and get over the person you were in a relationship with? That. Is it possible to completely remove the memory of all those days, weeks, months or years? Unfortunately no. These memories will be a very difficult part of your life, no matter if your partner is still present. In most cases, the breakup is always more painful for men. But after the breakup, it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself? Did he love me?

 These 12 signs will at the best way let you know if your ex hasn’t gotten over you yet?:

  1. Common friends tell you he hates you. If he talks to someone about you, and persistently claims to hate you, then rest assured that it is the total opposite. By doing that, he hides his love for you. He knows that it is unacceptable to continue to love you, so in the end, he tells others how vicious and vindictive you are and that he hates you! When someone has truly gotten over someone then they leave that person in the past and never need to mention her in the present.
  2. Drunk calls you or sends messages “The truth is in the wine “. If he tends to call or text after a few drinks, he certainly misses you, but if you want to end this, ignore calls and messages late at night, so he doesn’t get used to talking to you when he feels vulnerable.
  3. Often someone calls you, keeps quiet and then hangs up Do you often receive calls from different, unidentified numbers? If so, it could be your ex-boyfriend. When you answer the call, he will not speak, there will be silence because he just wants to hear your voice. These calls usually end with the person at the other end just hanging up.
  4. His friends ‘follow’ you-His friends, who were once your mutual friends, are regularly informed about your life. They contact you from time to time to check if you are well or what is new in your life. They will ask you around if you have someone new in your life, to pass on to him.
  5. Likes or comments on your social networksIf he still follows you on social media, likes and comments on your stories, it could be a sign. If he wants to forget you, we recommend 30 days without contact, including social media, if you are serious about putting your ex in the past. If the former is still curious about what you do on social media, it is clear that he suffers for you.
  6. He still hasn’t moved on-Your ex might not be able to see anyone new, but if he doesn’t, it means he misses you and needs time to recover from the breakup. Of course, it all depends on how long it’s been since you broke up and how long it’s been. your relationship was serious. He is not yet ready to put anyone in your place – a clear sign that he is still thinking about you.
  7. He secretly maintains contact with your family members Are there numbers from your sister, brother or parents? If so, they will certainly contact them from time to time to find out what is currently going on in your life. He still can’t come in his head with that he means nothing to you anymore. 
  8. When you’re around him, he seems to be trying very hard not to fall apart Pay attention to how he behaves when you are near him. Does it look lost, broken, painful? Does his body language change abruptly when you show up? If he still cares about you, your mere presence is enough to cut off his legs. It’s actually a very clear sign that he’s still cultivating deep feelings for you.
  9. He jumped into a new relationshipIf your ex has been in a public relationship with a number of partners, it could just be a desperate way to get your attention and provoke serious jealousy in you. In both cases, your ex really thinks of you and there’s a good chance he will secretly suffer for you.
  10. He still uses some of the things you gave him Is he still wearing the shirt or blouse you gave him? If he wears clothes and uses other things you gave him, those items probably serve him as transitional objects after he has lost you. That way he still feels some closeness to you.
  11. He is jealous when you are with other people An ex who is jealous when he sees you with someone new is obviously still interested in you. When one of you moves on to a new relationship, it is normal for the other to be jealous because it means the end.
  12. Random Encounters If you went to a certain theatre, bar or restaurant together, maybe your ex routine goes there because those places are good memories for him. He organizes optional meetings. Somehow, you always come across your ex in your store or in a local cafe or mall. They seem completely unintentional, but you suspect that these chance encounters are not accidental at all.



When the time finally comes to say the end, it may be easier for you to end things at first, but it is also true that breakups can be as complicated and traumatic as relationships.

The worst breakups are those without a conclusion and a real explanation for why the relationship came to an end. Rare are those people who make the right decision that they have to move on. But for the rest of us, there is the eternal question of where did everything go wrong? Then obsessive thoughts come on the scene and a feeling of guilt arises. To be realistic, to blame yourself or not, you still suffer from the breakup and wonder if your ex feels that way too? Before you think about reconciliation, be sure of that. Do you really love and miss him or do you want to have another one by your side?? Can you solve your problems or not? Most importantly, does the ex feel that way too? Before you make any hasty decision, you must be sure that you are on the same side! You don’t want to suffer again.