You will make tough decisions, sacrifices, and compromises in your life. Some of the choices you make will stick with you throughout your life. Your choices will determine what you become. Not to mention, some of the really ‘big’ life choices have the power to either make or break you.

One of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life is “what do I want to be?”

Most of the young blood today want to be a workaholic. They want to set up their own business and achieve new heights. But we all know, not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur, and not everyone is born to work 9-5.

How do you determine if you are a born entrepreneur, and not someone born to work under a manager?

Here are five signs you are just not meant for a nine-to-five job:


You hate getting up early

9 To 5 Desk Job

Waking up early is alien to you. Well, this can also be classified as ‘laziness’ if you sleep too much. However, if you happen to be a night owl who stays up till 4 in the morning, It could be a sign of intelligence.

According to research, night owls can adapt to the modern world better than early risers. Another study suggests that night owls are likely to be wealthier than their counterparts as a result of their increased intelligence.

If you are a night owl and find it hard to wake up early in the morning. A 9 to 5 job is not for you. Go and be an entrepreneur as you have the intelligence required for it.


You can’t stand authority

In the corporate world, it is impossible for you to act like the ‘boss.’ You will have managers over you; managers will have GM’s and so on. If you can’t stand authority and love to do whatever and whenever you want. Just forget that something called ‘9-to-5’ even exists on this planet.

You can’t work in teams.

9 To 5 Desk Job

Teamwork? I can do it better (all alone). If this is what you think as soon you hear the word ‘Teamwork,’ you are born to be different. Most offices divide their employees into teams, as they firmly believe in “Team work makes the dream work.”

If you don’t like seeing your acquaintances doing imperfect things or can’t withstand your coworkers telling you how to get the job done. Just don’t bother with a 9-to-5. You are born to be a leader, not a follower.


Unable to sit in one place for 8 hours

There’s so much to explore; I cannot spend my life working 8 hours a day seated in a small cabin. If you have this feeling in your heart, a job isn’t the right thing for you. Even though we do need people working at desks, no denial about that, but the world is not depended on 9-to-5 workers.

There are thousands of ways to make a living while doing what you love. If you love traveling, you can be a travel blogger or a photographer selling pictures of exotic locations.

You have a habit of being late.

9 To 5 Desk Job

If you always run late, you will have a hard time adjusting in a corporate environment where everything is about ‘being on time.’ Being late is never a sign of intelligence or smartness, it just means that you are careless about ‘time.’

Unfortunately, we live in a period where the ‘time‘ is the most valuable currency.

You are no longer living in your grandfather’s time, where patience was the key to success. It’s 2017 and speed is the new key to success. The faster you can get there and the earlier, the more successful you will be.

Even though a 9-to-5 is not for you, you will have to change this habit if you want to be successful even as a self-employed professional.

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