8 Ways In Which A Simple Touch Can Change Your Life

8 Ways In Which A Simple Touch Can Change Your Life

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To which extent we react emotionally to life, share love, or to be cordial, close and to enjoy being in contact with other people, depends on whether we have had enough positive physical contact in childhood.

As soon as we were born, we feel the hand of those in whose arms we are, and the first communication to us is precisely through touch. Then we started forming our emotional characteristics, or the willingness to develop into a mature emotional person.

8 Ways In Which A Simple Touch Can Change Your Life

Through touch, we can conclude a lot. When we hold hands with someone, this contact indicates the closeness. But when we push away someone we give them a clear to hint that we don’t want them in our vicinity. How much touching is necessary, tells the fact that even one random, friendly touch, can send a positive message.

The latest research shows that the more physical contact you get, the healthier you will be physically and psychologically.

Below are some of the primary benefits of physical contact.


Touch can improve your physical and psychological health

8 Ways In Which A Simple Touch Can Change Your Life

Every time someone touches you in a friendly way, many pressure receptors in your skin send a signal to your brain to start reducing the production of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress that inhibits the production of lymphocytes, the first defense of your system immune against infection and disease.

The physical contact also stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, known as the relaxation mechanism. When someone touches you, hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, which are partly responsible for the feeling of well-being are released.

The more touch you give and receive, the more benefits you can get from your health: you will reduce stress, get sick less often and you’ll feel better.


By touching you transmit your emotions better

Until recently, the idea that people can send and interpret emotional signals through physical contact seemed implausible even for researchers. However, a 2009 study showed that with the touch of the study participants was possible to communicate with a 78% efficiency up to 8 emotions: gratitude, fear, anger, disgust, love, sympathy, sadness and happiness.

Until then scientists believed that contact could only reinforce the emotions communicated through verbal and non-verbal language, but in this study showed that alone can convey a variety of emotions. The face, for example, is only able to transmit joy and positive feelings reliably, so that physical contact seems a much more accurate communication form than facial expressions.

Add the touch to your communication to better convey your feelings with people and to empathize more with you.


A simple touch will increase your persuasiveness

8 Ways In Which A Simple Touch Can Change Your Life

Touching people (in a safe place such as the upper arm) causes them to leave bigger tips, return lost money, provide help to strangers, sign petitions, and assign a higher status to the person doing the touching. Touching someone twice increased the effects.

When you make an important petition, try to accompany it with a light touch on the arm or shoulder of your examinee to increase the chance that he says “YES.”


You will improve the image that others have of you

Touching, not only will serve to persuade but to drop others better and improve the overall image they have of you.

When you touch someone on the shoulder or hand during the conversation, you leave the impression of a reliable and sincere person.

Even though you do not want to ask anything, get used to touch people of your nearest social environment to see you as someone closer and reliable.


You will increase your performance

8 Ways In Which A Simple Touch Can Change Your Life

If you are part of a team or sports, attempt to establish the habit of contact with you to support you mutually. Your results will probably get much better.


With touching, you will seduce better

Much of the attraction is created through contact. If you do not touch the person, you want to attract there is a chance that this attraction does not end consolidated. When you wish to attract someone, try to initiate contact as soon as possible.

Although an accidental touch (hold his/her hand with the excuse of the clock, etc.) and you will know that contact between you two is seen as something natural. The longer you touch before, strangest and forced it will seem then.


You will fortify your romantic relationships

8 Ways In Which A Simple Touch Can Change Your Life

By now you should know the relationship of physical contact with the release of oxytocin. The hormone that causes greater attachment to the other person and provides a sense of well-being. The nicest thing is that you cannot touch without being touched at a time, so if you touch, all these benefits also affect you. This is especially important in relationships.

If you have a partner, get used to touch her/him more. Caress, exchange massages from time to time, surround her/him with your arm. You will love each other more.


A hug can instantly improve the mood

There is no pain that a warm and sincere hug from a friend, a parent or a loved one cannot heal. Hugs are free and can be given and received in unlimited quantities. So, hug your loved ones as soon as you feel that they need it, and the spread of good energy, and the mood that can make you feel perfect!


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