Flirting has always been a part of any relationship. You need to flirt on the first date if you want it to be successful. What shocks me the most is that some people believe flirting should not be done within a relationship. While some think that flirting won’t make their partner happy. Such people are not on the right track. They believe that it may be a waste of time in a true relationship. Trust me; all these beliefs are completely worthless. Healthy flirting is necessary for your relationship. It provides you a topic to continue your conversation.

Here I’m going to tell you 5 different and simple ways to flirt with anyone.


How To Flirt With Anyone

Eye Contact: – Eye contact is the best way to start flirting with someone because eyes are the tunnel to reach their heart. As a guy, I’m specifically talking about girls. The eyes are the most beautiful and precious part of their body. If you want to express yourself without saying a word to her, make an eye contact, that simple eye contact will definitely help you a lot. That silent conversation between two of you is the first step towards the second base. Wink or raise your eyebrows at your crush. It’s cheesy, but it works if used sparingly.


Smile: – You’ll probably smile automatically if you’re talking to someone you like. You can even smile at the person when you pass him/her, or just from across the room. Most of the persons ignore this most of the time, and it can pay them most. Even though I am the one giving this advice, I have done this mistake so many times. If you’re looking at someone but not talking to them, try letting a slow smile spread over your face. Try smiling with your eyes, not just your mouth. Make your whole face spark when you smile.

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Initiate The Conversation: – Many of time this happens when we meet our crush, we say Hello. How’s you doing? She said good, but what after that? We have no further topic to continue the conversation. At that stage, everything is going to end. A Little advice from my side, never do this even when you are in a hurry. If you have no time at that moment then just give her a beautiful compliment and tell that I’m in a hurry or I will catch you later. That way, you will give her a clear message that you want to enjoy her company but not at that time. Best initiation of conversation is to take her advice on some really simple topic. Ask her for advice on a topic she loves and everything else will go with the flow (in your favor of course).

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How To Flirt With Anyone

Cross Touch Barriers: –  It is important to cross touch barriers if you are flirting with anyone. This is the exact straight signal to show that you are interested in someone. Everything else is also done by his/her best friend, but they never cross the touch barriers. If you don’t do this, you too will end up in the friend zone. If you want to flirt with a girl, then touch her hands during talks or touch her arm below the shoulder and above the elbow,  because they are sensitive parts and you show your feelings. One most sensitive part is at the back of the neck. Make sure your touch is not irritating.


Compliments: –  Never forget to compliment your crush but sure about your compliment, and it must be beautifully expressed, because that show’s how interested you are in him/her. Your compliment must be different from other’s because sometimes it happens that many people give the same compliment in the same day. If you give the same compliment again, there is no difference in you and others. Always avoid some commonly used words like You are beautiful, pretty, handsome and much more. Make sure you don’t copy compliment from elsewhere. make your own unique compliment.

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