5 Situations Where Remaining Calm Is The Best Option

5 Situations Where Remaining Calm Is The Best Option

One of the best lessons you can ever learn is to master how to remain calm. We all get frustrated at some point in our life and speak some rash words to our loved ones and then regret it at the end.

We all have faced this, admit that but the point is: regretting at the end doesn’t make any sense; however, being calm in that particular situation surely does. Your tongue doesn’t have any bones; still, it can be the worst weapon to hurt someone. Your hands can break someone’s jaw, but your tongue can break someone’s heart (FOREVER!).

Keeping calm is not an easy thing,  but it can surely save your relationship with someone you love the most.

Here are FIVE situations where remaining calm is the best option.


Listening to your Parents Advice.

5 Situations Where Remaining Calm Is The Best Option As a mature guy/girl, we often don’t like to hear any advice, whether it comes from a teacher or our parents. But our parents love us, and that’s the reason why they sometimes give us advice so that we can follow the right path.

We all hate that moment when our parents compare us with other children and tell us how intelligent. We don’t like to be calm at that particular time and often speak some offensive words to our loving parents at a high pitch; only to realize our mistake after an hour, when the boiling temperature of our head finally decreases.

Maturity is when, when you hear parent’s advice without uttering a word.


When Your GirlFriend Asks Some Personal Questions

What would you do if your ex-girlfriend suddenly wanted to get back together? Who is the most important person in your life? How did your last relationship work out?

When your girlfriend asks these type of suspicious question to you, you will surely get frustrated, but you need to remain calm at this time. Maybe she is asking you these question just to check your loyalty towards her and how much you love her. But, you scream at her like she is a hell of a thing and then you regret it later.

Your calmness can save your loving relationship.

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When Your Friend/Relative Is Late For The Party/Event

Marriage time is 11:00 am, and you are waiting for your relative for an hour now, and your head temperature is rising. And as soon as s/he enters, you just blast out your whole anger without trying to know the genuine reason behind it.

That person might have been stuck in the traffic, or maybe the person had some urgent stuff to do. So blasting out your anger without knowing the whole story is a foolish thing. Your tongue can destroy your relationship with your siblings; so it is a lot better to have calmness in these type of situation.


When you lost a match/event, and your friends mock you

Being calm in this type of situation is the hardest thing to do. You are already defeated you are down right now, and then somebody mocks you.

You can’t control your emotion even though that person might be your friend, but your confidence is low right now. So you start showing your anger and speak up some abusive words.

We all do this as it gives us temporary satisfaction, but we later realize that this temporary happiness can destroy our friendship.

Your calmness can save your precious friendship.

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When Somebody Tells Us Our Weakness

Not even a single person in this world wants to hear his/her weakness. You can never be perfect in every field, believe me, as I have tried.

To be honest, it’s tough to hear your own weakness but fighting with them doesn’t make any sense. If your brother tells you your weakness, just hear those and try to eliminate them from your life instead of fighting with him.

Those who can’t hear their weakness are the biggest loser in this whole world. It’s better to stay calm and to listen to your weakness as it makes you “Gentleman.” Eliminating weakness from your life is one of the bravest things you can ever do. Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths and See How Life Rewards YOU!

Your calmness can save your life and make you Gentleman.

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