7 Skills Everyone Should Learn Before Turning 25

7 Skills Everyone Should Learn Before Turning 25

Forget what our teenage taught us, but maybe it gave us patience as we tolerated all those fights with our friends and those ugly pimples, am I right? Other than that, to live a happy life one needs to be mature enough and it comes only when one has learned how to handle tough circumstances. You are in your early 20s and life might be a lot difficult, but here are the lessons you can learn so that with time everything gets sorted and you know how to manage the situation.


Improve Listening Skills

Skills Everyone Should Learn Before Turning 25

I have met many people who only know how to talk and be loud and tell their opinions when sitting in a crowd. Well, that’s them trying to prove that they are intelligent and aware but if you want to have a great intellect and wisdom, you need to listen more. Know the ideas of the person you are talking to, before you jump in and talk about yourself. Observe how people talk and the way they do as it is going to help you in your future. And it won’t be only in “professional” life because you might have heard, “A wife doesn’t need you to solve their problems, they just want that you listen.” (And hey, I am not saying that you should “pretend” to be listening which most guys do! )


Have the quality to decide after rationalizing every prospect.

It is tough to make decisions but we still got to make them. But, good decisions are always made with a calm mind and with attention to details. You need to develop the rational side of your mind by being open to every future aspect that could happen after you take your decision. And, you must trust only yourself. Avoid rash decisions in an angry phase as it could end up being biggest mistakes.

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Develop a habit of caring about the world.

When we are teenagers, the world is about us, but when we grow up we should know better. There is a lot in the world to care about and even the people around you would not be thinking about you as much as you think about yourself. Yes, you need to keep yourself on ground and still believe in yourself. It is possible and you know what? You are going to save a lot more trouble by not being so self-involved.


Start Reading

Skills Everyone Should Learn Before Turning 25

By this, I don’t mean that read my articles all the time (even though I would love that), but you must contribute one good hour in reading a good book. I prefer the night time before I go to bed as it even helps in a good sleep. Reading opens up to a different world and is a great source of knowledge (and yes, they will always be better than the informative youtube videos).


Learn the basic chores.

I hope when you turn 25, you know how to cook at least! Don’t rely on your old mother to do your laundry and to cook your meals for you. You need to learn how to do it all by yourself. No one is going to do it once you live on your own (or with your spouse, they ain’t going to help as it is a Modern world) If you burned your finger once while cooking doesn’t mean that you give up on it!

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Learn to Say No.

Skills Everyone Should Learn Before Turning 25

You might have faced many disadvantages in life only because you did not have the guts to say no. But as they say “No” is not just a word, it is a full sentence. Adulthood is going to burden you if you keep putting other above your own needs, trying to be the nice one. Once you know when to say no, you will be surrounded by real people and friends, and not those who are there to mock you or use you for their benefits.


Trust your gut

Believe it or not, but it is the universal truth that your own gut knows very well what’s right or wrong. Fear and gut are two different things though and hope you are able to identify each. You should know when your gut tells you not to do something. It is an alarm inside of us, which is well aware what is good for us and what might not be.

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