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Spend a night away from home, sleeping in a friend’s house, it is a very exciting activity for younger members of the house. If you decide to organize a sleepover party for your friends who are also twins, below we give you examples of some of the most entertaining games. These games ensure fun for everyone


10 Sleepover Games for Tweens


Pillow fight

Sleepover Games
Slumber party games for teens

A classic among classics. A good way to absolutely painlessly throw all your energy. Besides that this sleepover game is very safe because you used to fight with soft pillows, usually on a soft surface such as a bed, this game is extremely fun. All that is required is for each of you takes the pillow and start fighting. Pillows cannot hurt you, but you can be thrown out of balance. In this game, there is no winner because all end up exhausted.


Night of terror

sleepover games
Sleepover games for kids

On the floor of the room place one bedclothes sheet, and you shall have a stick or broom, for example, which will serve you to make a tent of this bedclothes sheet that looks like a teepee. Take a lamp and put everybody in the tent, and then turn off the light. In the dim light of a lamp you need to tell your horror story, you can give an introduction and then let everyone adds a sentence and so on until the story is finished. The goal is to be as imaginative in compiling the story. They die of fright!

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The music obstruction

sleepover games
Sleepover games

This sleepover game is perfect for twins because it should have a winner or the winning couple in the end. You and your sister/brother do one pair, and another pair is your twins guests. Or maybe it would be more fun to do a mix. For this game, you need headphones and some sound source, MP3, radio or anything that can be connected to headphones. Play some music on, the loudest possible so that the player who listens to music cannot hear anything out of the headphones. Then each pair speaks words to his player, and while the headphones are on his ears, he should guess the words by reading lips.

Every couple should guess ten words. The winner is the pair who has more guessed words. What makes this game fun is the moment in which a player tries to guess the word and what he actually hears.


Do you see me or not?

sleepover games
Scary games to play at a sleepover

The darkness will be your best ally in this game. Organize a scavenger hunt around the house, hiding tracks in different places and giving them only a flashlight to seek them. You can go hiding to scare or save traps to give more excitement. The last track will take them to their coveted prize: a game for fun, candy to share for dinner.

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A blind bed

Sleepover games for teenage girls
Sleepover games for teenage girls

If you have a big house and you can provide a bed to every one of the children who came to your sleepover party, do not bother to make the beds because you will use to play with them. Blindfold a player and check if he doesn’t see anything. Give him a set of bed linens. The other children have to go telling him how to make the bed. Wins the one who better develops its mission.


A great costume

Games to play at a party
Games to play at a party

Another game among all the other fun sleepover games. Collect a lot of accessories and old clothes and put it in a trunk. Blindfold the children and give them 15 seconds to get all they can out of the trunk. Release their eyes and give them time to put on what they have picked up. After that organize a fashion show with these crazy outfits.

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Makeup without a mirror

Sleepover Makeover games
Sleepover Makeover games

Makeup, Eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. Put all the cosmetics on the table. In turn, and always without a mirror, girls will have to make-up as well they can. It will win the one who does it better. Don’t play this game if in your pairs of tweens there are also boys, they would not be interested in this game.


Shopping list scramble

Slumber party ideas
Slumber party ideas

This is a great racing game for sleepovers, and other parties. Make a list of 6 items to collect. This can be anything that’s in your house, like a milk bottle, an alarm clock, a magazine, a doll, a toilet roll, etc.. Now make sure everyone is briefed, ideally give them a plastic shopping bag, and on the word Go, send them off hunting. The winner is the first one back with all the items.



Sleepover ideas for girls ages 9 - 12
Sleepover ideas for girls ages 9 – 12

The game is to dance with some music on. When the music stops, you have to look like a statue in the position you had. If you move, you lose. In this game, you will need some adult help to turn the music off and on.

Whichever sleepover game you are playing primarily ensure that your friends are having a good time with you. Let it be an amazing night to remember!

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