Smart Travel Checklist: What You Must Do Before Leaving The Home

Smart Travel Checklist: What You Must Do Before Leaving The Home

Often we are so excited to start traveling, that we forget the plethora of things that have to be done before we lock up and leave. Certain things within a household cannot be left unattended and need to be taken care of daily if you are counting on finding them as you left them. Be sure to check off the items on this list, one by one, well in advance before leaving home so that your mind is clear and prepared for all the lessons you’re about to learn.


Set Automated Responses

The primary purpose of a vacation is to get some rest and relax. Although you may be tempted to check your emails, messages and phone calls, you don’t want to be constantly interrupted.

Set up an automated response not only on your business email but your private one as well. If you have a voicemail option on your mobile and landline, leave a message letting people know that you will be away and more importantly, when you are due back.

If you are active on social networks, let friends know you are on vacation, and therefore unable to respond immediately. Check up on your incoming notifications at a time that suits you.


Get Your Phone Numbers And Documents In Order

You should have a mini-checklist for documents set up before you leave the house. Include things like your ID, passport (you should have already made sure that it is valid a good deal after you are due to return), tickets, boarding passes, hotel bookings, etc. Pack all of these things separate from your luggage, in a fanny pack for example. This will prevent them from getting lost or stolen, as well as saving you the trouble of having to open your suitcase several times.

Do not forget to save important phone numbers such as your travel agent’s, hotel, bank, taxi services, etc. It is a good idea to have the number of the consulate or embassy at your destination, just in case.

An even better idea would be to not only record these numbers on your phone but on a piece of paper as well, just in case.

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Leave Someone In Charge

You never know what can happen, someone other than yourself should always keep a spare set of keys to your property. In case of an emergency, that person will be able to get into your residence without having to damage windows or doors. You can ask a family member, or a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your house, just to make sure that everything is in its original state. They should watch out for things such as water leakages or electrical installations and check that appliances are either plugged out or in. This person can also double check that everything is locked securely. A double set of eyes can come in quite handy amongst the excitement of leaving for a well-deserved trip.


Secure Pet Care

Before you even book your vacation, get in touch with Cooltre pet accommodation or other pet hotel near you to make sure that there is an available space for your beloved family members who won’t be traveling along. Even if you are able to organize someone to drop by your house and feed your animals, it is a much better idea to have them stay in a kennel where they will have round the clock care.

Being left unsupervised for several days may not only result in damage to your home, but it will be traumatic for the dog as well. Summer months can be especially dangerous for your animals to be left alone out in the yard or even inside due to high temperatures.

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Take Care Of Ongoing Services

While you are away, you may wish to let your cleaning lady or any other help you have around the house have a break as well. This needs to be scheduled in advance, and your agreed method of payment may have to be adjusted (either in advance or once you come back, do not leave cash in the house).  However, someone does need to water your plants and garden. People often choose to have their landscaping continue as per usual. If you have a pool, it may need regular maintenance even if not being used. These people may all need keys or access to your property in order to do their jobs. Have the friend or relative you have entrusted with looking after your home let them in.

No one should be in your home unsupervised.


There may be additional things that need to be taken care of prior to setting off on holiday, depending on how your household functions on a daily basis. When you think about it, sometimes choosing your destination, arranging your trip and making sure everything is in order at home, can oddly take longer than the holiday itself.


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