Have you ever felt that coincidences don’t exist? As if the people you meet and interact with daily are coming for a reason? It is an overwhelming impression that accompanies you regardless of whether you establish a relationship or never see them again.

They mean something.

You probably experience these feelings because you possess a sharp intuition most of the dormant people out there will love to have. But without the proper knowledge and the right resources, your gut feeling will be aimless, and you might miss great opportunities to grow spiritually.

Therefore, if you realize you are part of a greater plan, but you don’t know what it is, learning about your soul contracts will clear up your doubts and help you align with your higher self.

If you are intrigued, I warmly invite you to read this article and find out all about your soul contracts and how they influence your spiritual journey.


– Your soul’s companions.

So, what exactly is a soul contract?

As the name implies, it’s a contract made by our souls or higher consciousness before incarnating in the physical plane.

You see, before we are born, our spirit nestles closely with all of its companions for an extraordinary meeting. These are the people that you’ll encounter during the rest of your life, and every one of them will fulfil an essential role in your inner evolution.

Yes, even those people you regret crossing paths with, and you wish you had never met them.

They are all part of a master plan to provide you with specific and customized lessons you are bound to learn.

During your “before-life” all your relatives, friends, ex-partners, even the cashier at your local supermarket! All of them agreed on the challenges you would experience in your upcoming life. 

Now you can rest assured that you are not randomly placed on Earth to live a meaningless experience. Every interaction has a purpose and is guiding you to your soul’s evolution.

Moreover, learning about your soul contracts will make you realize you are not alone in this journey. It doesn’t matter if you decide to hide in a mountain and cut yourself off from the rest of the world. Your “soul-tribe” will be waiting for you to contact them again, as this contract has no expiration date.


What lessons does each of your soul contracts bring?

As we mentioned before, every person you share your life with today fulfils a vital role in unfolding your spiritual potential.

However, an spiritual journey is not always smooth and pleasant. We have to go through some challenging experiences before achieving our ultimate purpose, and our relationships will help us get there.

We are not separate entities wandering around the Universe. We are all connected and helping each other reach a higher level of consciousness and blissful existence.

And you can’t do everything on your own. 

If you must learn to be more independent and daring, you’ll meet someone who will abandon you at your time of greatest vulnerability. If it weren’t for these individuals, you would not have drawn the strength to stand on your own.

And if you have to learn about responsibility and commitment, someone judgmental and demanding will cross your path to make you work your tail off to accomplish your goals.

So the purpose of your soul contracts is not to make you struggle through life. Even the most frustrating interactions are helping you become a better version of yourself. By knowing that everything is part of an elaborate plan, you can perceive your relationships differently.

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How does knowing about your soul contracts can transform your life?

Knowing about your soul contracts is a revolutionary and life-changing approach to life! Now you won’t have to shoulder the guilt of losing your time in a failed relationship or a job with an unbearable boss.

Now you can be thankful for the lessons they teach you that helped you learn and evolve.

After learning about your soul contracts, you become more detached and loving towards the people that walk with you through this fantastic journey. You are sure that you’ve decided to meet in this life, even if you don’t like each other.

And the rest of your relationships that fill your heart with joy becomes even more relevant! You’ll now cherish them like a treasure and recognize the particular link you share.

Let’s take this information to a specific scenario.

Imagine that you are dealing with a difficult situation or relationship that is making you miserable.

Whether work, friendship, or romantic, this relationship seems to be a huge mistake, and you can’t understand what on earth is trying to teach you.

Knowing about your soul contracts will prompt you to stop complaining about it and delve deeper to find the root cause of this attachment.

What must you learn from this bond to finally put it behind and move on to the next chapter of your life?

This mindset will prevent you from falling into victimhood and encourage you to take charge of your circumstances.


What happens to those people that just don’t want to evolve?

As you’ve probably guessed, some people are not willing to learn. They end up bumping into the same rock and running around in circles, meeting the same toxic people and greeting them into their lives.

But while the person resists learning the lesson, they are bound to experience it repeatedly. Every time with higher urgency and intensity, in a desperate attempt to get this person to overcome it.

In short, the only way to progress is to go through these challenges. Denying them or running away from them will only condemn you to repeat them in even worse conditions.

Put it this way. The faster you focus on the problem you are dealing with and give all your effort into uncovering the underlying meaning, the faster it will drain out of your life.

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How do I know I’ve learned my lesson?

The lesson you must learn cannot come from a rational place alone. You must integrate that value into your life, and the Universe will test you to make sure you’ve understood.

After dealing with a challenging relationship, you will probably encounter a few more similar scenarios for you to display your recently acquired ability.

Now is the time for you to prove your knowledge by responding creatively to these new circumstances. If you react like your old version, expect to repeat the whole experience with more significant hurdles until you overcome it.

We are inevitably bound to ascend, no matter how much we want to stay the same. And although it may seem at times, the Universe does not want to make you sweat for the rest of your life. However, ascending is the only way to live a meaningful and satisfying existence. 

So don’t take it the wrong way! Befriend the Universe, for it is on your side. The more willingly you accept its challenges, the more it will assist you in successfully passing them.


How can we be sure about this?

For many skeptics, this may seem like a nice fantasy to explain our suffering.

If that is your case, I hear you. I was there myself not too long ago. But after doing a past life regression session, I confirmed that we come, indeed, from many lives.

Some specialized authors like Brian Weiss explain this subject thoroughly, with scientific studies that support their theory.

That’s why we feel a unique vibe when we meet certain people… as if we already know them. 

That’s because we do. And during each life, they come to teach us a new lesson to bring us closer and closer to unconditional love.


Five unmistakable signs you are in a soul contract.

When you are in the presence of someone with whom you have a soul contract, your energetic frequency alters as your vibrational field recognizes your familiarity.

So if you experienced a strange sensation around someone you’ve met, this is the first sign you are in contact with one of these masters.

You exchange a sort of spark when you face each other. Your heart rate increases, you may get dizzy, and you can forget the train of thoughts you were having in your mind.

These physical reactions are widespread when we meet one of our masters as our soul prepares to receive the lesson we are about to face.

But if you want to be entirely sure of it, here you have five clear signs you are in a soul contract with someone.

  1. You have a familiar sensation: You know you’ve met a member of your soul tribe when there’s a feeling that you’ve already met, even if it’s the first time you see each other. Maybe you don’t get along well, or you might become inseparable right after. But the feeling that you already know this person it’s compelling.
  2. This person plays an essential part in your life: You deeply care about this person for one reason or another. They play a crucial role in your everyday life experience, and you intuitively know how to take care of each other. There is a very high level of empathy between the two of you, even to the point of feeling each other anguish, something that doesn’t happen with everyone.
  3. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else: You feel completely free to show your true colors when you are around this person. You take off your social mask and don’t feel judge or misunderstood when you are with them. You can talk about whatever you want, even your most private concerns, without worrying! As if you’ve entered a safe territory. You let your guard down, knowing they won’t take advantage of you.
  4. You look up to them: You don’t only share a special bond with this person. You also recognize them as a teacher and admire their wisdom. You learn from their example, and they encourage you to be wiser while testing your true potential. They might trigger some sensitive areas of your personality and urge you to face your shortcomings, regardless of how uncomfortable it is.
  5. They inspire you to be better: Our soul contract’s purpose is to help us evolve. So if someone doesn’t challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, you probably have not signed a soul contract with them. This person recognizes your true potential and will inspire you to be your very best. Deep down, they know you can always do better and will encourage you to excel in your endeavours.


Closing thoughts.

Some people think that to access a higher level of consciousness and let go of daily suffering, we must withdraw from society and detach ourselves from our surroundings.

As excellent as it would be to have a break and make a soul-search trip into the depths of our spirit, we must deal with a hectic and demanding lifestyle.

The thing is, you don’t need to go to a Himalayan temple to grow spiritually. If you take a good look around you, you will find that people evolve amidst their chaotic existence! They are meditating indoors, practising yoga in their gym, and talking about their emotions more frequently.

The good news is that we are not alone. We are all walking through our spiritual journey and finding new ways to heal and grow.

That’s why learning about our soul contracts is so essential! Experiencing our relationships from this perspective allows us to be more compassionate with ourselves and with the people around us.

Moreover, it encourages us to face our daily challenges from a more active and healthy role, stepping out of victimhood and stop perceiving the world as cruel and merciless.

But that’s not all. You also are here to teach valuable lessons to others. There is a vital mission for you to fulfil and be an inspiration for your friends, colleagues, and relatives to follow.

Knowing you are part of a master plan will bring meaning to all those complex relationships and allow you to grow as you learn their underlying meaning.