So you’ve met someone. Someone special. You feel you’ve known them for a lifetime and you can’t stop thinking of them. Something has shifted somewhere in your universe. You tell yourself it’s infatuation, but deep down you know there’s more to it than that. Around them, you feel whole, comfortable, in tune. They start a sentence, you finish it. You think of something, they’re already articulating it. You decide to text them and a message arrives from them as you write.

It’s more than physical attraction, though often there’s that too. You feel…well, that this is someone you can talk to, be vulnerable with, open yourself up to and pour the real you into the room, knowing you’ll be respected and cared for. That this is right!

You’ve heard others talk of meeting their soul mate or their twin flame and you dismissed it derisively. Nonsense, emotional drivel. But yet, here you are…


What is a Soul Mate?

Soulmate Vs. Twin Flame

Often used to describe our current love connection or true friend, in truth the term soul mate refers to those many individuals with whom you have a deep and abiding energetic connection. These people are the souls with whom you set out on your first journey into existence. They are the family to whom you will return time and time again through your stages of growth.

Often platonic, sometimes romantic or sexual, as we progress through our various incarnations we will come up against the same souls. In one life as a parent, another a child, a romantic partner, maybe a teacher or friend.  

Soul mates appear at the right moment in our evolution. Their job is to help us, protect us, challenge and support us. Appearing when needed and sometimes disappearing once their job is done, soul mates are there to help us to grow and evolve. They form an important part of our spiritual and emotional development. 


How do you recognise a Soul Mate?

These are the people in your life that you connect with, immediately. You feel you have known them forever when in fact, of course, you have. Recognition comes from their energy, not their appearance and you share an understanding beyond words, where you know each other’s thoughts and feel each other’s emotions. Distance is no barrier; you think of them and the phone rings. There is mutual respect with shared aims and beliefs. You find intense comfort in their presence and, in that comfort, you surface many issues unresolved before meeting them.  

There is chemistry at all levels and you feel the desire to improve yourself for them. Sometimes challenging, always intense, in these relationships you get a sense of deja vu which literally means ‘already seen’. That sense of having been here before, though the situation is new.

The paradox is that despite the attraction and deep connection, if it becomes time for them to move on having completed their task, you find the strength to let them go gracefully and gratefully, with love. Perhaps at a deeper level, you realise that you will meet again.


What is a Twin Flame?

Soulmate Vs. Twin Flame

In 380 BC Plato wrote his major philosophical text, Symposium, introducing the idea of soul separation at creation followed by a lifetime’s search, and finally reunification. In 1200 AD the revered Persian Sufi and mystic poet Rumi wrote beautiful poems of his reunification with Shamz, his previously separated soul half. No matter the writer or the epoch, the message remains the same.

Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul, separated at creation into two individual and complete beings. We are not the lesser for not yet having met our twin flame, they do not complete us as individuals.  Buddhists have a concept of Enlightenment, meaning a deep insight into the meaning and purpose of things, a fundamental change of consciousness.  When we finally meet that one twin we will reunite for healing and spiritual wholeness, with the intent of achieving that enlightenment and the aim of entering spiritual service.  

While often a romantic partner, this need not be so. Twin flames operate on a karmic or energetic level rather than driven by love or desire. Whether a friend or mentor, your twin flame is there to challenge you, to reflect yourself and force an introspective confrontation, to re-frame your view of the world, and thereby shift your consciousness.  

They arrive after many life hardships when healing is often needed, helping you to evolve, as you also challenge and assist them. With them, you are more centred, stronger, more insightful. You become aware. You feel the spiritual shift that is occurring in the world. You wish to be part of that change and bring healing to this existence. Meeting your twin flame creates a huge energetic shift in the fabric of your existence which is intense and life-changing.


How do you recognise your Twin Flame?

It’s said that meeting your twin flame is like looking in a mirror. After all, they are the other half of our soul, and as such, they reflect back to us our vanities, strengths, weaknesses and insecurities. They stimulate profound personal change while being protective and loving towards us.

Your ideas, your thoughts, your sense of fair play and beliefs, your philosophy, intellect and logic are as one. If your egos are well developed you are the ultimate best friends and being together is like coming home. You need to unite. However, if you are early in your development things will be more chaotic and challenging.  You will evolve from the meeting but you may even part, reuniting again when you are both ready.

In each other’s company words are not required as you sense the emotions and thoughts of the other. Your comfort and trust with your twin flame engender a vulnerability that stems from an intuitive knowledge that they will not ask you to change, nor will they take advantage.


What is the difference between Twin Flames & Soul Mates?

You will have many soul mates, but you will only ever have one twin flame. Your soul mates form part of that grouping or family who set out with you on this journey into existence, but your twin flame is cut from that same cloth from which you were formed. There is only one and it is you.

If your egos are still underdeveloped, meeting your twin flame may be too overpowering given that they reflect the real you back to yourself. If that is too uncomfortable to contemplate you may, at first, turn and run rather than do the soul work required. In that regard, soul mates are easier. They will still challenge you but the extremes are more manageable. You may end up in relationships with multiple soul mates until you have evolved enough to cope with the often harsh and unforgiving mirror your twin flame holds up to you.

Soul mates arrive in your life to support and guide you on your personal growth and spiritual evolution, they are there for you and only you. Twin flames reunite to make one where there was two, to complete the spiritual journey of finding oneself before contributing to the shifting spiritual consciousness in the world. Twin flames have divine and spiritual work to do. They are there for all of us.

You will meet your soulmates often in different guises through multiple incarnations. They were with you at the beginning and they will be with you at the end. You will meet your twin flame when the time is right and your development is almost complete. Maybe in this incarnation, perhaps the next, but you will meet. They are you.


The Future

Your emotional and spiritual development does not grow in a straight line. Your progress rises and dips, races forward and slides back. We all exist in this world to learn, and we make many mistakes. 

If you are lucky enough to have met that special person, whether twin flame or soulmate, your duty to love and care for yourself is not diminished by their presence. Rather your obligations double as you take personal responsibility to heal yourself and continue to develop emotionally and spiritually while also providing those same services for them.   To allow them a safe space to make mistakes, to rise and dip, to race forward and slide back in their own right.  No matter the connection, the bond may be karmic but it is not unbreakable through actions and deeds. 

Whether Twin Flame or Soul Mate, you must nurture these special souls who are with you on your journey, and in doing so, accelerate your spiritual growth and awakening.