There comes a point for many of us when the life we’re living just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Things you once loved start to feel stagnant, lackluster, unfulfilling, like they just don’t fit. You’re getting tired of the drama, the emotional ups and downs. And there’s a deep underlying sense of wanting more from your life.

But what is that yearning from deep within you? That sense that there’s gotta be something more out there for you?

That is the spiritual journey calling you, my friend!


What is a spiritual journey?

A spiritual journey is a deep exploration into your own mind, body and soul to discover the truth of who you are. 

It’s when you start to seek answers from within yourself, rather than from the external world.

The spiritual journey begins when your soul is ready to take the reins of your life, and lead you into a new direction.


Phases of a spiritual journey

A spiritual journey is long and circuitous, it’s not a clear and direct path. But here are some overall phases you can expect along the way, to help you know where you’re headed.


The seeking phase often happens after those dark nights of the soul moments, when we’re down on our knees, begging for answers, desperate for change. 

Unfortunately, it often takes a big shock, trauma or emotional tidal wave to break us out of our habitual day-to-day consciousness. This is what often shakes us up into seeking out a new way of being.

In the seeking phase, you’re questioning everything. You’re unhappy, unfulfilled, wanting the answers, wanting more, more, more.

You’re sick of feeling like a victim of life, like things are always happening to you. You’re starting to feel that deep inner nudge to go after what your soul truly desires- even if you don’t know what it looks like or how to get there.

This is the phase where you may be asked to jump off some proverbial cliffs into the unknown. You’ll start to open up to new perspectives, new information and new ways of seeing the world.

It can feel like you’re going crazy because nothing makes sense anymore and you may want to crawl in a cave and hide forever, but know, it’s a common occurrence and a sure sign that you’re on a spiritual journey!



The next phase of the spiritual journey is an awakening of your inner knowing. This is when the ahas and realizations come flooding in, and when you start putting all the dots together of how all your past experiences led to this present moment. 

In the awareness phase, you start to tune in more deeply to your own intuition and learn how to trust it. You start relying more and more on your inner compass to guide you, rather than external forces.

There is a lot of freedom to be found in this phase, and with it comes responsibility. You start to see the truth of the world as a mirror, a direct reflection of your own consciousness. And as you realize this, you also realize you are a creator, not a victim, of your life experience. And that you have the power to choose differently now.



With the awareness you developed in the last phase, you realize how much there is you need to let go of. This can mean relationships, identities, behaviors and ways of thinking that need to be cleared in order for you to move forward.

The deepest healing happens as you start to shed the subconscious beliefs that are no longer in alignment with who you want to be.

The cleansing and clearing phase is about diving into the shadows of your trauma, shame, pain and blame, and releasing the power they’ve held over you up to this point.

This is when you begin to truly let go of all the pieces of yourself that don’t support your soul’s journey.



After diving into the work of shedding the beliefs and storylines that had been holding you back from feeling fulfilled, you come into a deep connection with your true self. 

You connect with your soul, your essence, your spirit, your truth! You start to connect with your higher consciousness and your spirit guides in a really tangible and magical way.

You start to feel connected to the Earth below and the cosmos above and see how you are one in the same as everyone and everything else. And it opens up a new perception of the world for you that is powerfully healing.



This is when you begin to integrate all the spiritual wisdom, knowledge and insights you’ve gained along your journey, back into your everyday reality.

There begins to be no separation between physical and spiritual, between outer and inner.

It’s like your soul and ego finally start holding hands like, “let’s do this life thing, together!”

Life truly becomes magical and fun in the integration stage, as you can hold the higher awareness of the lessons and intentions behind everything you’re experiencing, as it comes.

You come into a sense of internal balance and harmony, feeling whole and complete.


5 steps to remember along your spiritual journey

Spiritual Journey


When you start on this path, you’re going to come upon a lot of information and realizations that go against what you’ve been thinking and believing your whole life. And, it’s not comfortable!

You’re going to come up right against all the “shoulds” and expectations you’ve been holding onto, and will have to learn how to stay open, in your mind and heart, in order to allow all the shifts to happen.

You also need to stay open to all the signs from the Universe, and there will be many! Signs and synchronicities are communication from the universal forces around you which will often place just the right teacher, words or information along your path, right when you need it.



The most powerful ally you can have on your spiritual journey is a practice of presence and self-observation.

Meditation is the most recognized way to do this and can be very helpful, but having any practice that helps you get out of your mind, into your body and into the present moment, is important.

Getting creative, dancing, gardening, exercise, even washing the dishes can spur intense realizations and aha moments simply because you’re in a state of presence and not “attaching” onto any thoughts or emotions in particular.

Observing your passing thoughts and feelings without attaching to them as truth, without letting them shift you into immediate reaction, is what will truly set you free.



So much of the spiritual journey is about letting go and surrendering. You don’t have to know where you’re going or how to get there. In fact, the more you surrender into not knowing what’s up ahead, the faster you’ll actually make some huge shifts in your life.

The spiritual journey is like a flowing river. It will carry you right along your soul’s chosen path with a natural, gentle force- unless you choose to cling onto all the boulders along the way!

When you hold onto old versions of you, detrimental relationships, habits or situations, traumas and pains from the past- you’re resisting the natural flow.

Practice letting go, surrendering into the flow of life and see where it takes you. The spiritual journey is about developing trust in yourself, and having faith that your soul is truly here for a reason, and you’re being led right to it.



As you’re learning and discovering who you are and what you want, you’re going to come across a wealth of information. Part of this path is to question everything along the way, and really begin to develop discernment around what holds true for YOU. 

What are you believing because it’s been embedded into your subconscious? What are you believing because of past experiences? And what are you believing because it resonates so deeply you can feel its truth within you without question? 

These are the questions you need to ask yourself along the way as you learn to discern truth from illusion, and find out what aligns with your own unique frequency and reason for being. 



A spiritual journey really is about uncovering a sense of unconditional love- for yourself first!

It’s about learning to know and truly accept all sides of yourself- the good, bad and the ugly- with love.

When you can come into awareness of your blocks, patterns and attachments, and learn to release judgement and shame around them, you can become an unstoppable beacon of love energy that shines out to the world. 

But it starts with learning how to truly love YOU.


You can change the world, by changing yourself! It all starts from within. 

By discovering who you really are and sharing your truth, you’re able to bring your unique gifts to the world. You’re able to create shifts in the lives of people around you simply by being and shining as yourself. You’ll inspire others, guide others, lead others, by first leading yourself.

We’re all connected, we’re all one. So when you focus on deepening your connection with yourself by going on a spiritual journey, you’re truly helping us all. Thank you!