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Conversation defines who we are as a human being. Some conversations can make war, while can some can make peace. Conversation is a chance to establish a new connection or it is a chance to hear a story which you have never heard.

We meet so many strangers every day; the cab guy, receptionist or the grocery man. We are always surrounded by strangers. We can learn from them but only if we know how to strike conversation with strangers.

Imagine this world as a Library and the books as human beings. We can flip pages of any book by reading it but what we do is, we are ignoring books by reading the title only. This world is a magic place. You have to decide whether you want to read the title or the whole book.


Say hello with a big smile

How To Start Talking to Strangers

Say hi, hello or hey with a big smile on your face. Suppose you are in an office and you are surrounded by 15 people. And you want to talk with 1 girl who is sitting right next to you. You are feeling shy but deep inside your heart is burning but words ain’t coming out. In that particular moment just say Hello with a big smile on your face. What worst can happen? she won’t talk to you. Well she ain’t talking with you anyway. The best thing you can do is to “Try“.



Ask them their hobbies

Hobbies are one of the best conversation starters. When you ask them about their hobbies, you will come to know more about them. If one of their hobbies matches yours, you will have something to talk about. If you don’t ask them this question then there is a high chance that your conversation will be dull and boring. Whenever there is ‘me too’s, it will act as a catalyst for you.

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Unique compliment

How To Start Talking to Strangers

Don’t give them a simple compliment like you are beautiful, cute or charming. If she is beautiful she must have heard those compliment hundred times and if she is using any kind of social networking site than about thousand times.

So give them the unique compliment like “I wish I could take my eyes out and create a lens for you to see the world the way I do” or “You are so beautiful even you give the sun a reason to shine”. People will forget what you do and they’ll forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel.

So make them feel good.



Ask them their opinion

Ask them their opinion on anything. Don’t go for topics like “What you think about Bermuda triangle?”. Ask them a simple question and their opinion on things like this “Do you like winter”, “Do you like pets” & “Do you like coffee”. Be generous and most importantly don’t listen to reply but listen to listen.

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Skip small talks

How To Start Talking to Strangers

Hi. How are you?. I’m fine and you?. I’m fine too. What are you doing? Nothing and you? Same.

Caution: Avoid this kind of talks. Instead, ask them some interesting questions. Like where are you from? Does your family live here? Have you ever been in the relationship? The point is we want them to speak. Ask them personal questions directly and without any fear.



Make Eye contact

Eye contact is where all the magic happens. You can feel the conversation when you are looking in the eye. 9 out of 10 times they will not dare to look away. So have an eye contact during the conversation as it is very important.

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Be generous and confident

How To Start Talking to Strangers

At last, be generous and confident. Do not be shy. They ain’t alien. Those strangers are also a simple human being. Just remember one thing, talking to a stranger can help you to get the idea which you were searching for so long. Maybe their talks can unlock the doors in your life which were once closed.

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